Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pentwater Homecoming Parade

The weekend that Tom’s family was here was also Pentwater’s Homecoming Weekend.  I never did figure out why they call it Homecoming Weekend, but it’s been going on for 74 years and it’s developed into quite a celebration.

Several years ago, one of the local restaurant owners married the daughter of the former MSU Football Coach, and he added an MSU Tailgate Party to the celebration, which resulted in the Grand Parade taking on a definite Michigan State vibe.

MSU Alumni Band

The MSU Alumni Band and the Scottville Clown Band were both in the parade and scheduled to perform at the Tailgate tent following the parade, so we planned to spend the afternoon up there.

We scored a place for Dad to sit in front of the House of Flavors Cafe, and waited for the parade to start.

It started off with a few military members,


Active Duty











and some cool cars,












and tractors,













and firetrucks!













A couple of the firetrucks had these really cool remote-controlled hoses attached to their hoods – they were pretty cool – they could direct the water in any direction!


There were some fun characters in the parade,

These were really cool!

including some really well-known ones!

The Pokemon guy was very popular!



Sparty was posing for pictures along the parade route.

Sparty posing for pictures while the cheer team cheers

There were MSU athletes and coaches,


and the Alumni Marching Band.

Alumni Band Members












Some of the band members got really involved with the spectators!

Giving extra attention to the Michigan fan in front of us

The parade crowd was primarily Spartans, but you can bet there will always be a few Wolverines around!

They had to make a statement!

The Spartan Spirit made quite a few appearances,

Spartan Spirit



and this little Spartan fan was following behind the band.

Cute Spartan car

Scottville Clown Band


The final group in the parade was the Scottville Clown Band, fully decked out in their craziest costumes.

So many interesting characters

Following the parade, they were posing for pictures.

Caught up with a couple guys from the Clown Band

With the parade over, we hung out at the Village Cafe for a while to listen to the bands – they were both really good!

Listening to the MSU Band

Dad breaking into dance!


Dad really enjoyed the music – he broke into dance right on the sidewalk!

It was a fun afternoon, and I think we might even be converting some of the family over to being Spartan fans!!

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