Monday, August 1, 2016

We have visitors!!

Little Sable Point Lighthouse


My sister, Diane, and brother-in-law, Dan, have never been to Silver Lake before, so they came up and stayed in one of the little cottages that the RV Park rents out.

We promised them 2 days chock full of activities!

They arrived on Tuesday afternoon and got settled in their cottage.  We showed them around the campground, and then took a drive around Silver Lake.


We drove them down to the Pedestrian Area of the dunes, where we watched vehicles coming off the dunes, and then drove down to Little Sable Point Lighthouse.  Danny is on a bit of a mission – to see as many lighthouses as he can in Michigan, so we were glad to add to his collection of pictures!

We all went to dinner at Hart Pizza (even Bryce – he rearranged his schedule this week so he could spend time with us!), which was really busy for a Tuesday night, and the pizza was delicious, as usual. 

After dinner, we headed up on the dunes.  Bryce decided to completely undress the Jeep for this adventure – no doors, no windows, no roof!

Completely undressed for the dunes

Our friends, Dave and Kathy, joined us for a little game of “Follow the Leader” . . . Dave was the leader, and Bryce attempted to follow.

Dave chose a challenging spot on Test Hill, and he made it up with no issue . . . then had to wait for us as we made our attempt!

Dave & Kathy waited for us on the top of the hill










Bryce lined the Jeep up, and gave it a go!

Bryce getting ready to take on Test Hill

Now, we did have 5 adults in the Jeep, and maybe didn’t take quite enough air out of the tires . . . so it took a few tries . . . four to be exact!

But we made it!  Here we are at the top of Test Hill!

A new experience for Dee and Dan

We played a little more follow the leader – over the hills, through the trees, and past the beach, until we arrived back at the base of Test Hill, and it was time for Bryce to make another attempt at climbing it.  This time he made it to the top in just 2 tries!

It was a much quieter night at the dunes, with just a few others out there.













There was a group of Parrot Landing red Jeeps on a sunset tour, though,

A quieter day on the dunes

These guys were having fun!


and a few long-travel buggies still around, enjoying the less crowded dunes!








The guys all climbed into Dave’s Jeep to go on a “fun ride” while Kathy, Diane and I watched the action on Test Hill.

Dave taking the guys for a rowdy ride

There they go!

There goes the guys!

While they were out playing, we watched a couple of “good ‘ol boys” race their quads up Test Hill . . . the Dad was determined to do a wheelie all the way up the hill, but never did make it!




We watched a couple of sand rails race up the hill, too . . .and they both got some air!

Getting some air!

Another one getting some air










It was definitely safer with less of a crowd around, but still dangerous.  Before heading up on the dunes, our neighbor at the RV Park had told us that earlier in the afternoon a sand rail got too much air going over Test Hill, and did a nose dive into the sand.  The driver had to be air lifted off the dunes.

We continued to watch the action on the hill,

Watching the action from the top of Test Hill

and Kathy tried to taunt the rental Jeeps into cresting Test Hill (they aren’t allowed to during their tour),

Parrot Landing Tour













until the guys arrived back on top of the hill.  They clearly had a great time!









We went around one more time . . . with Tom driving this time . . . and he told Dave to take it easy on him!

We hadn’t planned to stay too long, but we almost made it all the way until sunset!

Sunset on the dunes

It was fun, and a new experience for Dee and Dan, and we caught the end of the sunset as we drove back around Silver Lake.

Sunset over the lake

We ended the day with a relaxing soak in the hot tub . . . Ahhhhh!


  1. What a fun night!! Nice that you can show your family some new experiences:o))

    Be SAFE!!!!

  2. Glad you are having time to enjoy visiting with your sister and BIL. It shows you haven't been just sitting around but enjoying the attractions the area has to offer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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