Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy weekend of preparations

We met with our Realtor again this week, and looked over the contract. We're just about ready to sign with him, but have a few things to take care of first. He says there is often a rush of showings when a house first goes on the market, so we want it to be show-ready when we make the move. This weekend was spent sanding the deck to get it ready to re-stain, and stripping the old stain off our front door so that it can be re-stained also. The weather is starting to turn more spring-like, so it's a good time to start working outside. I'm also straightening up inside the house - cleaning off shelves, dusting and putting away my "treasures". We hope to be ready for listing by April 15th.

Another thing on my agenda is to find a scanner so I can start scanning all our old photos. Luckily there aren't too many. I've had a digital camera since about 2005, and for a few years prior to that I was sending my film to an online company who would develop it and post the photos on their website. When I eventually stopped using them, I got an archive CD of all my pictures on the site. So, I probably only have about 10 years worth of prints to scan, plus some old prints that I have of my parents and myself as a child. A big task, no doubt, but I'll just do a little bit each night.

We thought we had a bite on our motorhome, but not yet. A woman from northern MI was going to come down this week, but now has to wait until May or June. Disappointing, but that's OK. We're confident that somebody will come along, or we may end up trading it in.

Well, Tom wants to get on this computer now to verify the toy hauler models that we want to tour when we go to Indiana next month. Our first camping trip is coming up quickly, and we're ready to go!

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