Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Lights

We had another great weekend around here, with temps in the 60s and plenty of sun!  We took advantage of this great weather, and got out our outdoor Christmas lights.

As usual, only about half of the lights would work! LOL!  We're not interested in buying anymore . . . so we just made due with what worked.  I think it turned out OK.

Tom also worked on one of our landscape lights that suddenly went out last week

and had a little help from Casey!!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Ahhhh . . . Indian summer


What a beautiful sunrise I was greeted with as I came down the stairs this morning!  We've had great weather the last few days!  High 60s and sunny . . . can't beat that for early November!  It's supposed to cool down a bit this week though, in the low 50s, but then we might get a repeat next weekend!!  If only it didn't get dark at 5:30 . . .

It was another busy week of things that didn't seem important enough to blog about each day.  The boys started the week off with basketball games on Monday and Tuesday.  Both teams lost their games on Monday, but rallied nicely on Tuesday.  Bryce's team was playing last year's league winners, and they gave them a run for their money.  Bryce even scored a few points -- here he is on the free throw line!

He made the shot!  They had been behind by quite a bit, and in that period, regained quite a few points.  It was really exciting -- every boy from Bryce's team who was in for that period scored at least once!  They didn't win the game, but it was very close -- they played really well.  His coach's biggest challenge is getting everybody in the game -- they have 22 players on their team! 

Nicolas' team did really well, also -- they won their game on Tuesday.  I don't have any pictures this week, because I was running the scoreboard . . . and I'm not good enough to do that AND take pictures!  Nicolas is playing really well this year.  His biggest challenge has always been to be aggressive enough . . . to really get into the action.  Not a problem this year . . . he's been quite the rebound king!  We've seen a huge boost in his confidence!

They both have games tomorrow, and then Nicolas has another game on Thursday.  He has more games than Bryce because not every school in the league has a JV (5th/6th grade) team.

I did a little bit of sewing last week, and finished my fall wall hanging.

I just love how it turned out!!  I dropped it off to the quilting lady on Friday -- along with the last 2 quilts I had finished.  I should have them all back in about a month.

This weekend, we took advantage of the nice weather and did some outside cleaning.  We spent most of Saturday cleaning the RV, and on Sunday Nicolas gave Casey a bath and we cleaned our gas grill.  While cooking some sausage for breakfast, it wasn't working quite right, so Tom took a look underneath.  Turns out that the venturi tubes had rusted through, and were no longer directing propane to the burner -- that's a problem!  We took it all apart, cleaned it up, and found some replacement venturi tubes online.  Hopefully we'll get it back together and be back in grilling business in a week or so.  We do grill all winter -- as long as there's not a foot of snow on top of the grill, we use it!

On Saturday night, my sister and brother-in-law had their annual fall bonfire.  It's always in early November, and it's usually freezing, so this weekend was a pleasant change!  It was perfect sweatshirt weather, and if you were close enough to the fire, you didn't even need that!  We had a really nice time -- most of my family was there, including one of our cousins, and several friends of the familiy . . . LOTS of good food! 

That brings me back to today . . . the weather is still nice, and I'm enjoying having the doors while I work.  Speaking of work, I'd better get back to it -- lunchtime is over!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A beautiful fall day

Last night we went to a Halloween party with several other families from the boys' school.  We had a really nice time -- lots of good food, conversation and drinks!  We started out with some appetizers while the boys got into their costumes . . .

I made Halloween cookies -- pumpkins and leaves . . .

and gingerbread mummies.

Nicolas and two of his friends dressed as bikers

Bryce was Zorro, and one of his friends was a biker, and another was a Star Wars guy.

I have to show you these close-ups of Nicolas . . . he looked so realistic, not to mention MUCH older than 13!!!

Check out these flames on the side of his bandanna -- he HAD to have them, and it took me two hours the other night to embroider them!

Even a couple of the Moms got into the act!

Once they were all ready, we headed out to go trick-or-treating.  Here's the whole group -- all boys!

It was a pretty quiet night for Halloween.  We didn't see many other kids out, and had to skip quite a few houses that did not have lights on.  It was a chilly night (mid-40s), but it didn't rain.  We stayed out for a little over an hour, and then the boys were all ready to go back to the party.  Once back at the party, our host family had created a "Haunted Trail" in their backyard -- complete with skeletons, iguanas, crocodiles, chain saws . . . and shots of Crown Royal for those that completed the trail (adults only, of course!!).

Back inside we feasted on ribs, chicken wings, shrimp, couscous, crackers, cookies . . . an endless buffet, it seemed!  We had a really nice night -- all the parents gathering in the kitchen, and the kids hanging out in the basement and outside.  The party broke up around 1am (but became midnight once we moved our clocks back for the end of daylight savings!), and we went home and to bed.

Today we went to my parents' house for dinner.  Mom had some leaves to burn, so Tom and I and the boys gave her a hand.

Here's Nicolas and Bryce with Grandma.

It was a really nice weekend, and now we're settled in for the evening.  Have a good week!