Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saying good-bye to the 3 wheeler

Nicolas was just 8 or 9 years old when we bought the 3-wheeler, and barely big enough to drive it!


It’s gotten a lot of mileage around here – both for work,


and for play!


He and Tom have been kind of half-heartedly trying to sell the 3 wheeler for the last year or so, but this week they decided to get serious.  So they dropped the price and re-listed it on craigslist again.  They must have hit the price just right because the phone was ringing off the hook!  Last night, a guy and his two kids came over to check it out – they looked it over, listened to it run, and then loaded it up in their truck to take it home!  I think they were there all of 5 minutes!!

So now the 3 wheeler has a new family, and Nick & Tom are happy that they got a little more for it than we paid back when we bought it.

Nicolas never did get to drive it on the sand dunes like he wanted to, but he and Bryce did have some fun in the snow earlier this winter!



Thanks to everyone who commented on our exciting news in my last post.  We’re looking forward to meeting up with many of you when we hit the road!  And yes, I will give my sisters first dibs on any of my dishes I don’t take with me in the RV!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Out of the blue!!

We did it!!  We accepted an offer on our house last week!! 

Didn't even know we had a potential buyer, did you?  Well, neither did we!!  This buyer is out of the country, returning to Michigan next month, and saw our video tour online, but has never seen the house in person.  Our Realtor shocked the heck out of us when he called with the CASH offer last week, no contingencies . . . now signed and a "done deal"!  We close on May 15th, and he wants immediate occupancy!!

We're waiting to hear back if he is going to purchase our furniture as well (a definite possibility that would take a big load off our to-do list!), but we're getting busy with purging everything else -- sorting out the stuff that will go into the RV, and what we need to sell, give to friends or family, or donate.

This weekend we were going to my mom's house, so I went through my fabric stash and took four boxes of it for my sisters to go through and pick what they wanted.  Dee and Tina had fun, and even did a little wrestling over particularly desirable pieces of fabric -- too bad I didn't have my camera on me!  (Dee & Tina -- the boys think you are now officially NUTS!)

On the agenda for next weekend is the kitchen!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Going Green

Things are certainly looking green around here, and it’s not just Bryce’s favorite – MI State Spartans --

MI State

or even all the green treats I made for our St. Patrick’s Day feast!

St Patricks Day Feast

All the earlier-than-normal, warmer-than-normal weather we are getting in Michigan lately is turning everything green --


the grass --


and the trees!  I think this has to be the earliest my magnolia tree has ever bloomed!  (I hope we don’t get a sudden frost to kill everything off!)

Tom even decided he could get the bike out and get it ready to ride!


We’ve had a really mild winter, and now we seem to be moving right into spring (or is it summer!?!) . . . and we’re ready for it!

Bryce is thrilled that the Spartans are moving on in the NCAA Tournament, but it’s too bad that my school – University of Detroit Titans – didn’t make it a little further! 

The boys’ basketball season ended this weekend, too.  Both championship games were very good, and although Bryce’s team was not successful, they had a great season and really enjoyed themselves!


Nicolas’ team played a great game, demonstrating competitiveness and good sportsmanship at all times, and it paid off – they maintained their 1st place position and won the Championship!


So, now it’s time to start gearing up for baseball and camping season . . . I haven’t made any reservations yet, and it’s time to start figuring out where we want to go, so I had better get busy!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Spring!!