Friday, January 29, 2010

RC racing

Today the boys were off school, so they were home with me all day. I had to work, but they just played and worked on their radio control cars. We had told them we could go to the indoor track tonight at the local Hobby Store. Friday night is family race night.

So, after Tom got home from work, we loaded up their RC cars, batteries, chargers and tools, and headed into town. After a quick stop at Wendy's for dinner, we arrived at the Hobby Shop. It was already packed, but they found a spot at a table to unload all their stuff. Racing starts at 7pm, and until then the track is open for practice. Nicolas and Bryce both spent some time running their cars. Everytime we go, the track is different -- they move jumps around, and add new barriers, just to keep it interesting. These guys need some more practice before they are ready to compete, but they had fun during practice time and then watching the older guys race. There's quite an age range -- grown men who think they are still kids, all the way down to little guys who can barely manage the giant radio control!

I took off for awhile to get some grocery shopping done, and then came back to watch a few races. They race until midnight, but we took off around 9:30. It was fun, and the boys really enjoyed themselves. Pretty reasonable, too -- just $10 each for the whole evening, racing in as many races as you can get into. I told them they could spend their Friday nights at the track, and I can stay home and sew!!

So, that was our evening -- now I'm going to get some sewing time in!


  1. Been a while since I caught your post! Good to read you and good to see you are doing well.

  2. I wish you had included pictures, I have no idea what RC racing is but it sounds like fun!



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