Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nicolas!


Nicolas turns 14 today!  Happy Birthday!

After 8am mass at St. Ann of the Dunes, we gathered with Todd, Josh and Kylie and went to check out the Dune Interpretive Center.  We learned about how the dunes were formed, and how they are moving east every year.  Next was Nicolas' special birthday request

The Albanese Candy Factory!

Being Sunday, there was no production to watch, but plenty of people were there shopping!

We all picked out our favorites, and left with our yummy treats!

Back at the campground, the weather seemed pretty decent so the kids put on their swimsuits and we took a hike to the beach.  Through the woods, up the stairs, over the dune, and we were at the beach!

The 58 degree water was COLD, but that didn't stop Bryce or Kylie from going swimming

or Casey, either!

Once everybody was sufficiently frozen, we headed back.  Thinking we would take an easier trail back to the campground, we started over the dune.  Turns out the trail we took was even steeper than the one we came over on the way out, and we ended up at the peak of Mt. Holden.

Once we made it there, though, we were all set, and had a fairly easy hike back through the woods. 

Next order of business was dinner -- Nicolas chose BBQ ribs for his birthday dinner -- and then s'mores around the fire.  No more rain tonight, so we had a good evening around the campfire!

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