Thursday, October 28, 2010



Last month was “birthday month” around here, including our youngest son, Bryce.  Not that long ago, he was our cute little baby (this picture was taken in our first camper – a Coleman pop-up)


and now he’s celebrating his 12th birthday, along with his cousin, Kathleen.

birthday kids

With all the purging and cleaning going on around here, Bryce was really at a loss for what he wanted for his birthday (besides the customary clothes).  He finally settled on a BB gun, so he could “hunt” for varmints in the yard.


So far, he hasn’t been too successful!

In his Composition class, Bryce had to write an informative essay, so he wrote about gun safety.  It was a pretty good essay, so I’ll share it with you here:

How to Shoot a Gun  by Bryce

Did your mother always tell you “Don’t shoot your eye out”? If you are going to shoot a gun, the first lesson you need to learn is safety.

There are lots of aspects to gun safety. One of the most important is safety equipment. Safety glasses will shield your eyes from BB’s that bounced off something. Earplugs are also safety equipment. They would protect your ears from loud guns.

In addition, there are lots of features on the gun designed for safety. For example, the trigger safety button will keep you from accidently pulling the trigger and shooting. Another important safety feature, the trigger crosblock, is for when the gun is put away. It disables the gun so that it can’t be used unless you have the key to unlock it.

If you take advantage of these safety precautions and features, shooting is fun and you won’t shoot your eye out!


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  1. I can tell by that well-written essay that "someone" has taught him well! How smart that he focused on safety. Happy Birthday Bryce and others!
    Blessings, K


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