Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Free Day

We had a day off from seminars, but there was no shortage of things going on around here.  Some folks went golfing, some went on a zip-line adventure, others went into the National Park, and we went into Pigeon Forge for the “Spring Rod Run”.

Pigeon Forge_Rod Run_2011

Thousands of classic hot rods lined both sides of the main drag through Pigeon Forge when they weren’t cruising up and down the strip!


It was really something to see, and the boys all enjoyed looking at the old cars, especially Nicolas, who thinks he is “shopping”!


The “car guys” checking out a cool ride!



Hey Nicolas – maybe this one will work for you – a fixer-upper! LOL


We didn’t just see cars, though – we saw motorcycles, too,


Tom thinks he’d look pretty good on this sweet ride!


and even campers!


This matching car & trailer were really cute!



The vintage Coca-Cola trailer was really adorable!


Pigeon Forge was really bustling, with thousands of people either walking, or driving, or just sitting along the sidewalks watching the cars cruise by.  After walking pretty much the entire length of Pigeon Forge, and back again, we enjoyed energizing milkshakes at the Happy Days Diner before heading back to the truck!


Hmmm . . . what flavor of shake should I get??

On the way out of town, we stumbled on the gathering of the “Yellow Mustang Club” (I guess there’s a club for everything!),


How did that silver one get in there??!!  It’s a beauty!

so we walked around a bit before heading back to the RV Park for a nap!

We needed that afternoon nap to rest up for the evening activity (so much for a “free day”!).  One of the local theaters, the Majestic Theater, offered to put on a private performance for the RV-Dreams Family for a REALLY great price, and approximately 100 of us were taking advantage of the offer.

After a delicious dinner (salad & pizza) at the Mellow Mushroom,


Complete with dancing mushroom!

we joined the rest of the group at the theater.  The show was a selection of songs representing four decades.



Favorites from the Fifties!


Psychedelic songs from the sixties!


Groovy sounds of the Seventies . . . including the Blues Brothers! 


And then there are the Eighties!


Some old-time rock & roll!


Some “Urban Cowboy” country!


and, of course, the Village People!

As is typical with the shows down here, they also included a tribute to the military, and it was phenomenal!


All branches of the Military were included in this amazing tribute!

The performers were all very talented, and the entire show was great!  Everybody who went really enjoyed it – even Nick & Bryce!


Of course, it was difficult to keep Linda and Papaw in their seats!

It was worth much more than the nominal fee they charged us!  WHEW – I’m glad we had this “free” day to rest up – I think we might need another one!

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