Saturday, January 14, 2012

A little snow, Dave’s barn & basketball


It’s finally starting to look and feel like winter around here!  Not everyone is excited about that, but I’d rather have the snow than the chilly rain . . . and it’s definitely prettier!

Tom’s got a little project keeping him busy this winter – building a barn for his brother, Dave.  After several delays, they finally got started this past week, so we stopped over there this morning to check on the progress.


They’re moving right along, and it’s looking pretty good.


The roof goes on this week, and then it will really look like something!  Denise and the dogs came outside to say “Hi”, and we chatted for awhile until everybody was shivering! 


From there, we made a Sam’s Club run for shopping & snacking, before Nicolas & Bryce’s basketball games.  Today were their first games, and after only 2 practices, they did pretty well.


Bryce’s team played first – he’s #55.  They didn’t win, but they played really well, and didn’t lose by much considering that the other team had a lot taller guys!



Bryce has a pretty strong competitive streak, and he really gets aggressive when he plays.





Nicolas’ team played right after Bryce’s (convenient for us!), and they played really well, too.  Nick had a particularly good game, scoring about 12 points himself (I think that’s more than he scored for the whole season last year!)




His team won their game, and it was exciting to watch, as usual!  These high school boys get pretty intense!

We got out of there just after 5pm, and thought we’d be early enough to grab dinner at Outback Steakhouse before the crowds hit, but we were wrong . . . they must have had a deal going on, because there was hardly a spot left in the parking lot, and already a 1 hour wait (at 5:15!)!  Next door, the Cracker Barrel wasn’t too busy at all, so went there and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Now we’re back home, watching a movie and playing some ping pong.  I’m getting much better . . . I can give Bryce a run for his money now, and I’ve even beat him a couple of times!

Tomorrow the boys are going to Detroit for the Auto Show, and I’m still thinking about whether or not I’m going to go with them . . . I guess I’ll decide tomorrow morning!

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