Friday, December 20, 2013

Grapefruit and a Christmas Party

Early Christmas presents!


We’ve been getting some packages this week, and the boys were excited to get a few gift cards, along with their favorite gummies from E&S Bulk Foods in Shipshewana!  Bryce said he couldn’t resist opening them – he could smell them in the package!

We’ve been doing some shopping as well, and making several trips to the Post Office to mail packages.  While Nicolas and I were out shopping on Tuesday, Tom was perusing craigslist and found a lady in Sun City West who had a grapefruit tree and couldn’t use all the grapefruit.  She posted an ad for free grapefruit, so on Wednesday we drove over to her house.  Just like she said, her tree was loaded with fruit!

Grapefruit Tree

Picking Grapefruit


Nicolas and Bryce got busy picking . . .

Picking Grapefruit

and got some really beautiful fruit!


We ended up with a full trunkload!

We'll be eating grapefruit for awhile!

Now we just need to find somebody who wants to get rid of some oranges!!

When we finished picking, we grabbed some quick lunch and made it back to the park just in time for the Staff & Volunteer Christmas Party.

Salted Caramel Turtle Bars


We grabbed the pan of cookies that I had made (Salted Caramel Turtle Bars – YUM!), and headed down to the Group Camp Area where the party was being held.






Staff & Volunteer Christmas Party

All of the staff and volunteers were there . . .

Staff & Volunteers

More volunteers









and there was music, and food,

Lots of food!

and games, too!

Fishing Game




This game didn't go so well!

Benji even came to the party!

Volunteers Peter & Eddie . . . and Benji












Benji loves people!He just loves people!   

We all had a nice time at the party, and got to meet the rest of the office and maintenance staff that we hadn’t met yet.

It was a really nice Christmas Party!


  1. It is always nice being able to share the holidays with friends and family but especially new acquaintances.
    Enjoy the grapefruit and be Safe.

    It's about time.

  2. Looks like there were some unique party games!

  3. Oh those grapefruits are beautiful:o))

    Merry Christmas to the whole gang!!!

  4. Fresh AZ grapefruit, what a score. Hope you all have a fabulous AZ Christmas. Becki


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