Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

We arrived at the Coeur d’Alene RV Resort early on Wednesday, and after checking out a couple of available sites, we chose site 148 which backed up against an open grassy field.  We had to do a little tree trimming, but then we had plenty of room!

Site 148

Of the available campgrounds in the area, this one is probably the nicest – it has nice wide roads,

Nice wide roads










plenty of grass and trees, and even an indoor swimming pool!  We didn’t have anything special planned while we were there, but we did enjoy the pool a couple times.

After dinner on Wednesday, Tom and I took a drive into Coeur d’Alene to check out the town.  Driving up the main street along the lake, it reminded us a lot of Ann Arbor – lots of shops and restaurants, with people dining on the sidewalk.  There were lots of people around, and even a band playing in the park.

Music in the Park

We found a parking spot on the street, and looked at a few of the shops.

Sweet Shop

Mrs. Honeypeeps Sweet Shop wasn’t open, but we found another that was.     Candy Store









Cotton Candy in a vending machine

We passed on the cotton candy vending machine, but got ice cream cones instead . . . they even had black licorice, but I wouldn’t let Tom get it again!!

We continued our walk around town, stopping to see Marvin the Moose.

Marvin the Moose

Tom liked this old truck, even if it wasn’t a Ford!

Chevy Truck

He made a new friend, too!

Tom's new friend, Charlie

I had to take this picture for Bryce – he likes Bassett Hounds!

We followed the bike path down to the park by the lake – it’s a really nice community park with a playground and basketball courts,


Basketball Court











and the bike path goes from there to the marina and beach area.

Beach at sunset

Marina at Couer d'Alene











The lake is really pretty,

Lake Couer d'Alene

and one other campground we looked at is on an island in the lake.  It was a nice location, but not on this weekend . . . there’s an Ironman Competition in town, and by Friday the nice quiet town was a zoo, with roads closed around the lake, so I’m not sure we would have had an easy time getting out of that campground on Saturday!  We were glad to be a few miles out of town!

Driving back to our campground, we followed the Spokane River and caught a couple good shots of a beautiful sunset!

Sunset_June 25

Sunset over the river

On Friday, we checked out a few sights in Post Falls.  We went over to Falls Park, and took a walk on the path . . . with the geese and ducks trying to chase us away!

Walking in the park

Family of geese











We found Post Falls, a hydro-electric generating dam from the early 1900s.    Post Falls









Post Falls


This is an interesting-looking dam – man-made structure, along with the natural boulders, and with a 90 degree corner in the middle of it.

We saw some interesting flowering shrubs, too.


Further along on the trail, we caught a glimpse of the Post Falls Bridge over the Spokane River.


Back in the park, the boys just couldn’t resist the playground equipment . . .

He's just a little too big!

but I think they are getting a little big!!

Boys will be boys!











That was about all there was to Post Falls, Idaho . . . so we took another drive through Coeur d’Alene but didn’t stop since it appeared to be registration day for the Ironman, and there were people everywhere!  We needed a few groceries, and we saw a Winco and decided to try it out.  They had pretty good prices, and we really liked the extensive bulk food area . . . but we failed to notice that it was cash/check only until we were at the checkout!  I never carry my checkbook, but fortunately between Nicolas and I, we had enough cash!  That meant we had to stop at a credit union ATM to replenish before we headed up toward Glacier the next day, though.

After stocking up, we went back to the RV Park and I did a couple loads of laundry while to guys packed up the back of the RV.  We were planning on getting an early start the next day, since we had a 240 mile drive . . . all on non-interstate highways, and a good chance for rain.

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