Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Saturday Night Races in Senoia

From Warm Springs, we made our way north to the little town of Senoia – and it turned out to be a rather prosperous little town.


Main Street Senoia

Apparently, the movie industry has moved into Georgia, and Senoia is a popular town for filming movies.  There are plaques set into the sidewalk all around town, listing the movies that have been filmed here, and in what year.

I guess “The Walking Dead” is also filmed in the area – since there is a store and coffee shop dedicated to the show!

Walking Dead Store

Old Storefronts


There are also several restaurants, and lots of antique shops.










We walked along the main street, checking out the little shops and interesting items we saw in them.

Checking out the shops


Cute bike!










That’s an interesting bike, huh??!!

One of the antique shops had really attractive displays, and some unique items.

Antique Shop


More Antiques











With all of the history and shopping all day, we worked up quite an appetite . . . it was time for some pizza!

Matt’s Smalltown Pizza was bigger than it looked from the outside, and the pizza and salad bar were both delicious!  A great choice!


Matt's Smalltown Pizza

While we were finishing up our dinner, there was a sudden downpour outside!  We were able to wait it out, but we hoped it didn’t put a damper on the rest of our plans for the evening . . .


Hot laps were scheduled to start at 7pm, with racing at 7:30.  We arrived around 6:30, just as the rain was ending.  There was a large crowd already gathered, and the radar on our phones indicated that the rest of the storms should stay south of us, so we headed into the grandstand and found a place to sit.

Good thing we had picnic blankets in the trunk, since the concrete grandstand seating was wet, and we hadn’t thought to bring chairs!

Waiting for the action to start

We were ready for the action to start, but we would have a little wait!

Ready to watch the races!

It took a little extra time, but they got the track smoothed out and dried up somewhat.     Trying to get the track cleaned up









After sending the cars around to help with drying out the track,



Lightning McQueen Wannabe

the action finally got started around 8:30.

Ready, Set, GO!

Bryce and Caroline had their own little competition going to see who could pick the winner in each race . . . let’s just say it wasn’t a good night for Bryce!!     One of Bryce's selections!









That red Georgia clay was pretty slick and slippery . . . and it made for an exciting night!

Cleaning up a wreck











Double Crash

The rain held off, and we all had a fun time!  Thanks for meeting up with us – John, Andrea & Caroline!

Crossing the Finish Line

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  1. That must have been a fun day and evening.. The race track reminds us of one we used to have in Windsor years ago.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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