Sunday, April 24, 2016

One last lazy day in Pigeon Forge


Slumber Party!

It was like a slumber party in our living room last weekend in Pigeon Forge – Casey loved hanging out with the boys!

Sunday started out as a lazy day . . . we went to church, and then came back to the RV Park where Tom and the boys did some cleaning up while I made Easter Bread for Nicolas to take home.

Tom and I visited with some new friends in the afternoon, while the boys went to play basketball at the park down the road.  Our plan was to go into town around 4pm to check out the new Island area of Pigeon Forge, they get some dinner and go to a show.  Nicolas was treating for Tom’s and my birthdays!

Unfortunately, we found out that most of the shows had been cancelled, due to low attendance because everybody was at the car show.  Well, that was a bummer!  At least we were able to enjoy a nice dinner at the Old Mill Restaurant.  Thanks Nicolas!

The Island


We needed to walk off some of that dinner then, so we headed over to the Island to walk through some of the shops.

They had some fun and interesting shops, but most seemed a little overpriced.

Giant Pizza Man

The center of the island was home to the giant ferris wheel, rock climbing walls, jumping pillows for the little kids, and a ropes course.

Ferris Wheel

As we finished up our shopping, people were beginning to gather for the fountain light show at sunset.  The setting looked beautiful, but the guys didn’t want to wait for it.

Sunset_April 17th

They wanted to play miniature golf, so we headed over to Ripley’s Old McDonald’s Farm Miniature Golf.

Mini Golf

We had sticker-shock at first, when we heard that the price was $13.99 per person for 1 round, or $14.99 for two rounds (I guess we haven’t play mini golf in a few years!), but after searching for a coupon, we found out that Nicolas could get a 50% military discount.  OK, that made it much more manageable!

Ripley's Mini Golf

We chose the most challenging course first, and got started.

Watching Dad


Bryce has a really interesting form!

Bryce's "unique" form

The boys were having a good time, and I was the first one to get a hole in one – Mom skills!  But I fell apart after that!


It wasn’t a really challenging course, but it was fun.

The Dairy Barn

The cows are watching us











There were plenty of fun obstacles!

Silly Obstacles



On the final hole of the first round, Nicolas managed to get a hole in one,

18th Hole

and he won the round!

The rest of us weren’t so lucky . . .


During round 2, Tom finally got his first hole in one,

Tom finally got a hole in one!

but nobody could keep up with Bryce who got 5 holes in one, and killed the rest of us on the round!

Nicolas concentrating

It was a fun way to spend our last evening in Pigeon Forge, and reminded up of many of our camping trips when the boys were young!

We were so happy to have this long weekend with Nicolas, but the next morning he and Casey had to head back to Charleston and we were headed back north for the summer.  Bye Nick – See you again soon!!

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  1. Your opening photos of the boys and Casey is WONDERFUL!!! That is one that will bring back many memories and it appears you made a lot of memories during the weekend:o))

    Safe Travels to all...


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