Sunday, May 22, 2016

Almost ready for summer


Tom and Bryce have continued to keep busy getting the RV Resort ready for the big weekend coming up.  They painted the pool, kiddie pool and hot tub, stained picnic tables, and did some trimming.

When they finished the parks’ projects, they washed the RV and the Jeep, and Bryce finished up his schoolwork.  Yes, he is officially done with High School, and as soon as I get his grade report for his Anatomy class, he will “graduate”!

We also wrapped up a couple more projects in the RV.  We had ordered a cellular booster to see if it would help with our Verizon signal, and it does seem to help quite a bit – although you have to basically be sitting right next to the interior antenna. 


I actually found that I get the best signal when I set the phone next to the antenna and use the headphones for talking.

For the roof antenna, following advice I found on Technomadia’s site, we bought a cookie sheet, Tom cut the raised edges off it (and sliced open a finger in the process), painted it, and attached it to the roof.

Cellular Booster Antenna

Our other completed project was making new tire covers and a windshield cover out of our old tire covers and sun shade.  We had to do a little piecing together to make the tire covers fit the taller tires on the motorhome, but they turned out pretty good.

Tire Covers

We had always had trouble with losing the little white caps that hold the fabric to the suction cups, and we needed some more suction cups, too, so we checked online and managed to find a source for them.  For $30, we got 50 suction cups and 100 little white caps – not too bad!

Tire Cover

Tire Cover










We were really happy with the windshield cover that we made from the sun shade fabric.

Windshield Cover

It’s really going to cut down on the sun coming through the windshield, and should keep the front of the RV much cooler this summer.  From the inside, you almost can’t even tell it’s there!

View through the new windshield cover

We were happy to get those projects checked off our To-Do List!

This weekend was the “Welcome Back” event for the seasonal campers, and we had a beautiful day for the party.  It was held at a golf course down the road, and the RV Resort provided pizza (which was really good – we’ll be going back for pizza several times this summer, I’m sure!), cake,


Sand Dune Cake










and door prizes.

Door Prizes

We had a good time, and met lots of nice people.

It was such a beautiful day, we decided to finish it off with sunset at Little Sable Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan.

Sunset_May 21st

The sun was still pretty high in the sky when we arrived.

Little Sable Point Lighthouse

It was noticeably cooler at the beach, and Bryce was chilly without a sweatshirt.     DSC_0167








Tom and I were smarter and brought sweatshirts!


We waited as the sun sank lower towards the water . . .



Sunset over Lake Michigan

and the sky turned a brilliant orange.

DSC_0199Sunset_May 21st

It was a great way to wrap up the day!


  1. guys have been busy and accomplished so much!!

    Congrats Bryce...just can't believe it is time for you to head to college...ENJOY!!!

  2. Glad to see things are working out for you getting everything fine tuned with the extra set of hands.
    It's been less than six years but the boys have grown into fine young men.
    Good luck in college Bryce.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. How are you feeling about being empty nesters? Becki

    1. It's going to be pretty strange. I must admit, I've been focused on my boys these last 20 years, so not having them with us is going to be quite an adjustment! We're not abandoning them completely, though, so our travels will still center around being where they are -- we'll just have more time to ourselves in between!

  4. I am looking at making a windshield cover also. Where did you det your material, I was looking at Arizona shade company.

    1. We bought our fabric from Beasley Manufacturing in Webster, FL (middle of the state, near Bushnell/Ocala). They had great selection, great prices, and all the miscellaneous supplies that you need.


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