Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More fun on the dunes before Bryce left home

On the dunes

Bryce stopped working about a week before he left so that we’d have time for shopping and packing, and also so he could spend a couple days playing on the dunes.

Our friends Dave & Lynn came up to spend the day with us on Thursday, and Bryce & Tom took them for an adventure on the dunes.  It was a quiet afternoon, and they all had fun driving around on the sand.

While parked by Test Hill, they saw a guy from the RV Park racing around in his sandrail.

A neighbor from the RV Resort

Tom started talking to him, and ended up asking him for a ride for himself and Bryce.  They had the adventure of a lifetime!

Bryce going for a ride

I think Dave and Lynn were as excited to watch them as Tom and Bryce were to ride!  These vehicles just fly over the bumps, and Bryce said it felt like they were going 100 mph!  Lynn got a video of Bryce going over Test Hill, and they got some air!

There he goes!

That was definitely a highlight of the summer for them!

This will be fun!

On Friday, Bryce went out again with his friend, Brendan, and then we went out for sunset with our friends Dave & Kathy, after we all went out for pizza for dinner.

Parked on top of Test Hill

Haddie's kitties


They had their granddaughter, Haddie, with them for the night, and she loves riding in Grandpa’s Jeep . . . so did her kitties!








We were looking forward to a beautiful sunset,



and it got off to a pretty good start.

Bryce was driving, and doing his best to keep up with Dave – even though Tom wouldn’t let him go everywhere Dave went!

Following Dave

Bryce wasn’t allowed to play in the puddles!

Playing in the puddles











From the beach, we could look back and see the trucks lined up on Test Hill.

Looking back at Test Hill











The DNR was on watch from there, too.

DNR keeping an eye on everybody

For a Friday night, it was really quiet up there, although there were a couple of sunset tour groups (Haddie called them ants, because of the way they travel in a line),

Haddie liked to watch the ants

dirt bikes jumping the new hills that had been formed by the winds we had during the week,

The wind last week really made the dunes interesting!










and a group of sandrails racing around on the open sand.

Sandrails racing over the dunes













They looked like they were having a lot of fun!














As we drove around, we had several vantage pints for watching the sun set over Lake Michigan.

Sunset_August 26


The sky was beautiful, and it was a spectacular sunset even though a big cloud moved in just in time to block the view of the final moments of the sunset.



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