Sunday, January 29, 2017

Legacy Trail and Siesta Key


The triple crown of Friday adventures – physical activity, a beautiful beach, and yummy food – it was a full day!

We started out with our bikes on the Legacy Trail in Sarasota,

Legacy Trail

where we met up with Bill & Linda.  At Oscar Scherer State Park, we took a pit stop,

Pit Stop at Oscar-Schearer State Park









Campground Loop


and a detour to ride through the camping loops and check out the sites.  There are a few larger sites that we could fit our RVs on, but the roads were pretty narrow and there were lots of overhanging trees that make the guys nervous.

On our way around, Tom and I spotted an RV that we recognized – fellow RV-Dreamers, Sherry and David.  We stopped for a quick hello, and to get caught up from when we saw them last in Minnesota in the summer of 2014.  It was nice to see them doing well!

We continued as far south as Roberts Bay in Venice,

Roberts Bay

and then turned around before reaching the US-41 bridge. 

We stopped for a few snacks at Laurel Park,

Laurel Park

Snack time at Laurel Park










and then continued back to the parking area, for a total ride of 19 miles.  It was a beautiful day for a bike ride, and really didn’t even feel like we rode that far!

Ready for a bike ride

It was close to 2pm by then, so we quickly moved on to part 2 of our agenda.  We loaded the bikes back on the Jeeps, and headed out to Siesta Key Beach.

Arriving at Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Beach

Siesta Key Beach was voted the #1 beach in the US.  It certainly is a beautiful beach, with soft, super-fine sand,

Siesta Key Beach

and the sun gives the water an inviting turquoise tint.

Siesta Key Beach

After the obligatory photo op,


we walked to the water’s edge and walked along the beach.  There weren’t many people in the water, but the gulls were enjoying it.












Even with the cooler temperatures, it was a beautiful day at the beach.


It was a nice beach, but the 4 of us Michiganders weren’t quite sure why it rated the #1 spot . . . we have more of a preference for some of our Lake Michigan beaches.

Still a great place to spend the afternoon, though!

Beautiful afternoon at the beach

We were all getting a little hungry, so it was time to head into the Village of Siesta Key and look for a spot for dinner – there were plenty to choose from!



We browsed several cute tourist shops – including this little beach shop that Bryce would have loved – long boards, board shorts, and lots of other beach gear! 


We checked out the menus of most of the local restaurants, and finally decided on the Siesta Key Oyster Bar (SKOB), where they had live music and an interesting menu.



It was “Crustacean Happy Hour, so Tom and Bill each ordered oysters – Tom ordered his Rockefeller style, but Bill had his raw . . . YUCK!

Linda and I passed on the crustaceans, but the guys enjoyed them!


Walking through the village, we spotted these cute little beach buggies offering free rides . . .

Beach Buggies











although we didn’t enquire to see if it really was a free ride . . . we have our own beach buggies!

Our Beach Buggies

Driving back towards Sarasota, I spotted the setting sun over the Gulf, so we located a roadside park where we could stop and watch the sunset.

Sunset Cruises

It was pretty, although the clouds had moved in and blocked most of the setting sun.

Sunset_Jan 27th










Pelicans at sunset

Tom made a new friend from Denmark, though,

Tom found a new friend from Denmark

and I enjoyed watching the pelicans flying in formation.












January in Bradenton has been a great start to our winter 2017 travels, and we’re looking forward to more new adventures in February as we move on from here!



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