Monday, February 26, 2018

Old Town–cruisin’ cars and music

Old Town

OK, so I’ve gotten way behind on the blog again!  We haven’t been all that busy, but the weather has been so beautiful, we’ve been spending most of our free time at the pool.  Then in the evenings there’s music jam nights, and card nights, and I spent a few nights working on our taxes . . . before you know it, our month here is almost over!

So, getting back to what we’ve been doing . . . in one of our many afternoons in the pool, we heard about Old Town. 

Old Town clock

It’s a small older touristy area in Kissimmee – a cobblestone street lined with gift shops and bars . . . they even sell beer at the Aunt Annie’s Pretzel hut!

Beer and a pretzel?

Adjacent to Old Town is the Fun Spot Amusement Park, with lots of fair-type rides, the classic bungie cord ride and the Vomitron (that one sounds lovely!), as well as an awesome multi-level go-cart track.  Tom was wishing the boys were with us – they would have loved that go-cart track!

Fun Spot

On weekend nights they have a band and a car cruise (which has been happening continuously since 1994) – Friday nights are Muscle Cars and Saturday nights are Classic Cars.

The weekend before last, we made plans to go to the cruise with Henry & Yvonne (from Woodstock, Ontario), and Yvonne’s cousin Darlene and her husband Bill.


The cars gather in the parking lots around Old Town, where they wait for cruise time.  We walked through the lots, looking at all of the cars.  Muscle Car Night included a wide range of model years – all the way back to the 50s and 60s classic muscle cars, up to the current re-makes of those old great cars.




Older Mustang

There were a bunch of Mustangs – I had to text a few pictures to Nicolas!

Boss 302

After we walked through the cars, we walked through the shops and waited for the cruise to get started.  We found  a few more cars parked on the street – pretty cool paint jobs and lights!

Lots of lights


We met up with the others to watch the cruise  -- right in front of the Haunted House.

Haunted House

Tom tried to get Henry to go in the Haunted House with him, but this was as close as they got . . .


I wasn’t going, either!


The four of them headed back to the RV Park after the cruise, but Tom and I decided to stay a while and listen to the band – they were pretty good.


Friday night at Old Town, especially after most of the cruisers left, was a pretty good for people watching . . . where Walmartians go at night!


We had a good time, and stayed until the band finished at 11pm.  It was a nice evening!

Tom enjoyed it so much, he wanted to go back again on Saturday, to see more older cars.  We weren’t going to be able to go the following Saturday, so we went ahead and returned the next night.  Another couple from the RV Park, Jim & Laura (from Lansing, MI) met us there after we went to church.

There were a LOT more cars!  Many of the older muscle cars from Friday were back, but there were many more older cars gathered for Saturday’s cruise. 

Tom and I walked through the area where the cars were on Friday night,




Bright Blue Ford

and then we met up with Jim & Laura.  Laura and I stayed to listen to the band, while Tom and Jim continued to walk around, and found another whole parking lot full of cars lined up for the cruise.

It was definitely more crowded on Saturday!

We watched the cruise from the same location, although with the greater number of cars, they kept them moving through at a lot faster pace!  It was hard to get good pictures as they drove past.


It was a little easier to catch them driving away from us!



There were several VW Bugs . . . including Herbie!



After the cruise, we stayed and listened to the music a little longer, but didn’t stay until the end.  They were a good band, but I preferred the one on Friday night.


It was a good weekend – lots of fun . . . cars . . . and music!


  1. That's what life is about, Enjoying it as much as you can.
    It is a small world when you meet people from the same areas you used to live in.
    I'm certain the boys were envious of the Car Shows.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It is tough riding the go carts without the kids, but tell Tom to do it anyway. I would!


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