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Kiptopeke–Week 3

June 14th approaching sunset

Back on our own, we’ve been keeping busy around the campground.  We had some lower temperature & lower humidity days, so we were able to turn the A/C off for a while and open the windows.  I even spent one afternoon at the beach – catching up on some reading and trying to get some of my Florida tan back!

Dune flowers

Calm evening on the Bay

Path to the beach

In addition to keeping up with the tent sites (which are pretty empty during the week), we’ve made it a daily ritual to ride bikes or the golf cart (if Casey comes with us) down to the beach and fishing pier in the evening to watch the sunset over the Chesapeake Bay. 

Tom likes to hang out at the pier to see if any fishermen have extra fish they don’t want!


We’ve had some pretty amazing sunsets – and several days this week did not disappoint!

June 14th Sunset over the concrete ships

Reflection on the water

The Concrete Fleet – a great backdrop for the nightly sunset view!

The Concrete Fleet, also known as the Kiptopeke Breakwater, consists of several concrete ships lined end to end just west of the former Chesapeake Bay ferry terminal. The crumbling hulks consist of 9 of the 24 concrete ships contracted by the U.S. Maritime Commission during World War II. In 1948 the ships were brought to Kiptopeke Beach in order to bring protection to the terminal during severe weather. Once arranged, their bilge-cocks were opened to bring on water and they were left to settle on the bottom of the Bay.

The ferry was closed in 1964 when the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel opened but the breakwater still protects the pier and beach while providing a home for coastal fish, shellfish, and birds. Since being scuttled in the bay the rusty bones of these ships have been exposed to half a century of weather creating an incredible show of decay. Certain sections of the wrecks offer holes large enough for a small boat to pass through where one can see the interior structure of these vessels up close.

Once the sun dips behind the ships, we move over to the beach where we have a new view as the sun finishes its descent into the horizon over the bay.

June 14th

I never get tired of the beautiful sunsets, and there’s always something new to see, too.  One night it was dolphins, and another night we saw a sting ray.  There are always seagulls and pelicans flying around,

Two flocks of pelicans

and in addition to all the cargo ships waiting their turn to enter Hampton Roads, we often see interesting Navy ships.  Fishermen, too,

June 15th Fishermen on the Bay

and sometimes kayaks, like the sunset kayak group that was out on the bay last Friday.

Sunset Kayak

Yep, never gets old!

June 15th Still amazing!

June 15th Love this!

Our weather was predicted to take a turn toward the hot and oppressive on Sunday, so we decided to get out on the bikes on Saturday afternoon to check out the trails. 

There are about 5 miles of trails in the park,


and they are all classified as “Easy” and accessible for both hiking and biking.

Hiking Biking Trails

We started out from the picnic area on the Raptor Trail, planning on picking up the Songbird Trail and making a loop around the perimeter of the park.

The trails alternated between hard-packed sand two-track roads, grassy paths mowed through fields, and pine straw covered paths through the woods.

Riding the trails

The trails were fairly easy to follow, but we did take one wrong turn which put us on a trail through the woods that was pretty narrow and winding, with lots of tree roots to navigate around and branches fallen on the trail.

It did bring us to a couple of nice overlooks of the bay.

Overlooking the Bay


Once we got out of the woods and back on the wide open trail, we were doing pretty good again.  We found the Songbird Trail, which turned out to be a nice wide trail through tall pines, completely shaded, which was really nice!

We continued our ride, and came to Taylor’s Pond,

Taylor Pond

and the Native Plants Garden.

Taylor Pond

Native Plant Garden

We took a walk through the garden, and took some pictures of the blooming flowers.

Black-eyed Susans


Natural Awning

Enjoying some shade

We ended up at the trailhead at the entrance to the park,


and made our way back to the campground on the park road.  It was a nice afternoon for a ride, and we figure we rode about 4-5 miles.  Hopefully we’ll have some more cooler days when we can ride the trails again!

Later that evening, Nicolas came out for the weekend, to stay until Monday morning.  Yay!  WE love having him around . . . even if he does bring his laundry!

Happy Father's Day

Another beautiful sunset!

Sunset at the beach

June 16th Almost gone!

On Sunday, Nicolas took us out for a nice dinner for Father’s Day.  We had tried to eat at The Shanty the previous weekend, but the wait was too long, so this week we made a reservation.

The Shanty

The Shanty is located at the marina in Cape Charles,

Marina in Cape Charles

and it’s very popular with both tourists and boaters.  The food was good, and we had a nice time! 

Dinner at the Shanty

Thanks Nicolas!

Father's Day dinner with Nick

After dinner, we took a walk around Cape Charles, and I made Tom and Nick pose at the beach . . . they had a little photo-bomber!

Cape Charles Beach

Nicolas missed out on ice cream the previous weekend, so we took him back to the Brown Dog Ice Cream Shop – it’s really good!  YUM!

Yum - ice cream!

It looked like rain was moving in, so we made our way back to the campground after we had our ice cream!

Looks like rain is on the way!

On Monday, Nick helped Tom clean our the drain on one of our A/C units, and then we followed him to an exhaust shop in Portsmouth where he wanted to get some modification made to the exhaust on his truck.  After talking to the guy for over an hour, he ended up getting it done that afternoon!  He was a happy guy with the new manly sound to his truck!!

We had dinner back at his camper, and after visiting with the neighbors for a while, we made our way back to Kiptopeke.  It was a long day, but we had fun hanging out with Nick!  It was a great weekend!

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