Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A day at the beach–Galveston Island

During our last week in Texas, the weather really started to improve – with sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70s/low 80s!  We decided that we needed to take advantage of it before we moved on, so I scheduled a “mental health day” off work, and we headed for the beach on Galveston Island.

Once we reached the island. we drove south to Jamaica Beach, where we could drive the Jeep onto the sand.  We found a good spot – there were lots to choose from; not too many people at the beach – parked the Jeep, and set up our chairs.

I had downloaded a new book onto my Kindle e-reader, so I was all set and ready to spend the next couple of hours reading in the sun as a nice cooling breeze blew off the water.

What a beautiful day! 

I was content with my book, but Tom got a little bored – he talked to the people around us, and a couple of women walking their dogs on the beach, and then he walked down the beach for a while to see who else was around.

I just enjoyed the day until I started feeling a little crispy . . . I eventually turned my chair around to get out of the sun somewhat.  By the time he got back from his walk, I was ready to pack up and head back to the RV Park.

Rather than going back through downtown Galveston, we continued south along the island, until the road turned and crossed back over to the mainland.

There were several nice RV Resorts, lots of beach houses, and a fair number of cattle!

At the far south end of the island, there was a small remote beach that looked pretty nice.

There were several people there, enjoying the beautiful day!

That looked like a nice location the hang out, too.

Once we reached the mainland, we stopped at a truck stop for a quick snack, and continued on through several small towns on the way tot e TV Resort.  It was a longer drive, but we always enjoy trying out an alternate route and seeing new scenery.

Once back home, we cleaned up and got ready to go out to dinner with Tom & Karen.  We’ve been wanting to try Killen’s BBQ (a local favorite), so that was our dinner destination for the evening.

We all had the beef brisket – YUM!!

It was very good, and we were all stuffed when we walked out of there!

Thanks for going with us, Karen & Tom – we know it was such a sacrifice  for you, having to eat out again!

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