Friday, February 13, 2009

Cleaning Day and Camper Show

We had a busy day today! The boys were home for winter break, and we were cleaning fanatics! They cleaned their bedroom and their study room, and I worked on my sewing room. There's 11 years of accumulated fabric and craft stuff in there, and it took me all day to sort through it! I kept my favorites (I'll still be sewing on the road!), set some aside to sell at the next Mom2Mom sale, and threw out several garbage bags full! It was exhausting, but I'm very pleased with the results. Now, all it needs is a fresh coat of paint (next on my to-do list!), and it'll be like a new room!

Once Tom got home from work, we took off to the Camper Show in Novi, MI. After a quick dinner at a Coney Island, we arrived at the show. It was pretty crowded, but tonight was 2 for 1 night. We were concentrating on Toy Haulers, and Bunkhouse 5th Wheels. We saw the Newmar X-Aire, Keystone Fuzion and Raptor, and the Heartland Cyclone. They're all pretty nice, with the X-Aire leading the pack for what you get for the money. Then, we wandered into the Mobile Suites just for the heck of it, and started talking to "Ezra" the Manufacturer Rep.. Mobile Suites takes RVs to a whole new level, and they are really impressive. They have two bunkhouse models with larger refrigerators - a 40 footer and a 43 footer. That's our biggest complaint with most bunkhouses - all they offer is an 8 or 9 cu. ft. frig. Travelling with our 2 boys, we need room for several gallons of milk!!! Since they are in the area (Howe, IN), we'll add them to our factory tour list for April. We're planning on visiting all the others also, plus Forest River and Sunnybrook, although I'm less interested in the Cyclone now. The living areas of those are nice, but they take space out of the master bedroom, and with the bath fully enclosed in the longer units, it really makes the bedroom feel "closed-in". Just something else to consider as we shop!

We took a 2nd look at each of the toy haulers, and then headed out. On the way home, we stopped for an ice cream cone at Baskin-Robbins, and put the Mamma Mia DVD in when we got home - the boys loved it!! LOL

OK, more cleaning and straightening tomorrow before the realtor gets here at 1:30, so we should get to bed . . . Goodnight!

P.S. I think I fixed the comments feature - try it out!!

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