Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Took another step!

Yes, we took another step towards our full-timing dream! We have an appointment to interview a Realtor on Saturday. We have our list of things we need to do to get ready to sell, but we'll see if his recommendations match our list. He's also going to give us an idea of what price he would market the house for. Having built it ourselves, we know exactly what we've got into it, and where we want to be, so it should be interesting to hear his opinion. We don't know if we're going to hire this guy or not, but he's been very persistent in pursuing us since he saw our house on Zillow. Also, he works for the Realty Co. that we were leaning toward anyway. Any advice from recent home-sellers?

We're headed to the Camper Show on Friday - that'll be fun! I don't think we'll pull a "Howard & Linda" and walk out of there with a new RV, but hopefully we'll narrow down our choices somewhat.

It's been very spring-like here in Michigan these last couple of days . . . easy to get use to, but not likely to last! It's supposed to be warm again tomorrow, but rainy all day. I'd almost rather have snow! NOT! We're ready for spring and summer to arrive - even the boys are! They love the snow, but they're ready or warmer weather so they can get their bikes and scooters and ATV's out again. They had them out this past weekend - helping Tom and a friend of his who were cutting down some dead trees on our property. It's easy to get them to help out when there's a motor involved! I was off shopping with my Mom and my sisters on Saturday. We went to a quilt shop in Ohio (The Door Mouse, in Bettesville). It was fun, but I exercised restraint in my spending - trying to use up all the fabric I already have before I buy more! IT was nice just to spend the day with them.

OK, time to go get the boys to bed! I'll try to post more often!

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