Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New barn roof and golf lessons

Today was a busy day. Tom and I had to go to work, so the boys spent the day with Aunt Denise and Kathleen. We picked them up after work and then had to quickly get home, change and get to Nicolas' guitar lesson at 6pm and their golf lessons at 7pm -- and somewhere in there we needed to grab a quick dinner!!

While we were at work today, our barn guy was putting on the new roof. We arrived home to this scene.

From Barn and Golf Lessons

We thought it was already finished, but they still have the other side to do. They'll finish it up tomorrow, and the garage door guys will add the new section to the overhead door. So, when we get home from camping next week, we'll be able to get the X-Aire in the barn!! Yeah!!

After a quick checkup with the barn guys, we were off. Nicolas' guitar lesson went well, and we picked up a $5 pizza for dinner. Both boys are doing really well in their golf lessons, too.

From Barn and Golf Lessons

From Barn and Golf Lessons

I like the pro who's working with them -- he does a really good job, and there's only 5 kids in the clinic, so he spends lots of time with each of them. We'll miss next week's session because we'll be camping, and when I signed up they said the boys could come to the Saturday session that week. When I talked to the pro tonight though, he said that the Saturday session is more full, so he'd rather just tack an extra Tuesday on to the end of the clinic, and he'll spend a 1/2 hour working with Nick, and a 1/2 hour working with Bryce. That works for us!

Well, tomorrow afternoon we head out for our next camping trip. This time is to a private campground about 40 miles north of Grand Rapids, MI. It should be a fairly easy 3 hour drive for us, and we'll leave when Tom gets home from work. The weathermen are promising a week of 85 degree, sunny weather -- I can't wait!! I've got about a 1/2 dozen books lined up to read!! This will also be a good chance for us to check out the new RV fully -- we'll have 50 amp electric, water, sewer, and cable, and they're supposed to have good free wi-fi -- let's hope it works reliably!

OK, time for bed -- if all goes well with the wi-fi, I'll be able to post regularly over the next week, maybe even daily!

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  1. Well if all goes well the boys can support you when they go on the tour!


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