Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's been crazy here . . .

Where did the time go?? It seemed like we were just getting things ready for Thanksgiving, and now it's almost time for Christmas!! The boys have had non-stop basketball games . . . the tournaments are this weekend, and then that will be over for the year. Tom's car died (blown engine) last week, so now we're frantically looking for a replacement and making due with the truck for now. Of course, the weather had to turn nasty just as we took the truck out of its nice warm, dry garage! Oh well, what can you do?!!

Our contract with our Realtor ended on Dec 1st, and we opted not to renew with him for now. I'm working on a 2nd blog -- showcasing the house -- which we'll link to from a Craigslist ad. We'll try the self-marketing thing for awhile, and see how that goes. Of course, as soon as our house was dropped from the multi-list, we were inundated with calls from realtors wanting to list it for us!

Speaking of that other blog, that's what I'm supposed to be working on right now, but I just wanted to stop in here and post an update -- just so everybody knows we didn't fall off the face of the Earth!

I'll leave you with a picture of our Christmas tree!

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  1. HoHoHo, Mommy G. and Farmer Tom! Bummer on the ol Ford. TDittmann


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