Friday, April 30, 2010

8th Grade Trip -- Day 2

Yesterday got off to a bright and early start with some of the boys and one dad going for a 3.5 mile run before breakfast.  The rest of us enjoyed a hearty breakfast buffet, and the runners joined us, too.  At 9:30 we rounded all the kids up and met up with Kenny, our guide for the morning adventures. 

We started out by touring "Cascade Cave" -- this cave group is much larger and more open than the prior day's "X-Cave".  The views were really amazing, including the underground river and waterfall.

Following the cave tour, we headed right into the Box Canyon Hike. 

We climbed up to the top of the canyon, and then down to the bottom through all the rocks.  The "climbers" in the group (and there were many!) we loving it!  The views from the bottom of the canyon looking up were just amazing!

We ended up back at the Lodge just in time for our lunch buffet, and then headed to the Visitor Center to meet up with the Ranger who was going to take us canoeing.  They only had 8 canoes, so we were going to have to take half the group at a time, but the Moms made the sacrifice of staying on shore, and all the kids were able to go out together with the Dads and the Ranger.  Don't they look like they are suffering???

The kids got all the canoes ready, and they were off!  Before we knew it, we could hear them on their way back, and it was a race to finish first!  Most of them ended up in the water!!

After another amazing buffet, and some more basketball, we loaded up and headed for the campfire circle in the campground.  Our Ranger met us there, and entertained with some stories. 

We stayed out, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, until about 10pm.  Everyone was pretty tired after that long day, and quickly fell asleep.  Another great day here in Kentucky!

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