Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall has arrived in Michigan . . . or has it?


The trees say that it’s fall, but the temperatures don’t agree!

Saturday was another beautiful day, so after a lazy morning around the campground, we decided to take a drive up to Pentwater to check out the Octoberfest Car Show.  Pentwater is a cute little harbor town on Lake Michigan, and it was packed on Saturday!  Several blocks from the main street, we found a shady spot to leave the truck, and walked downtown.


There were a lot of really cool cars in town, and everybody found one of their favorites.


Tom really liked this Corvette Stingray


Nicolas’ favorite was this Boss 302 Mustang


I thought this purple Studebaker with it’s teardrop camper was adorable!


Bryce was happy to see so many cars in his favorite color – green, including this old Ford truck!


The owner of this car was nice enough to let the kids get in for a picture!

We walked up and down the streets, admiring all of the old cars and trucks,


and then stopped into the Cosmic Candy Company to pick up some vintage candy.



The bright lights and bold colors are very appealing!


The boys are trying to decide what they should buy . . .

Once we had our fill of cars and candy, we walked down to the beach.


It may have been October, but on this warm & sunny afternoon there were a fair number of people on the beach, including a few brave souls in the water!  Tom & I put our feet in for a minute – and that was long enough for them to go numb!!


BRRRR . . . that water is cold!!!

We wish this beautiful weather could last forever, but we know it won’t . . . and soon the lake will be frozen and the snow will be flying!  for now, though, we’re thoroughly enjoying these last few days of summer-like weather!


Bryce and Brendan are friends, despite their opposing team preferences!


Tom found a new friend!













Back at the campground, I made dinner while the kids played, and later we joined Brendan’s family for a campfire while watching the Tigers game and listening to the U of M game on the radio.  It was another perfect weekend of camping, and we wish it wasn’t our last . . . but it is, for a while anyway.  Back at home on Sunday, the boys got the RV washed and ready for winterizing. 


We’ll get it in the barn this week, and it will stay there until next spring  . . . unless we get lucky and sell the house this winter!!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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  1. fingers crossed!!!..the weather looks beautiful..nothing but rain here this week!!!


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