Monday, December 5, 2011

The search for the perfect Christmas Tree

This past weekend was our traditional weekend to find our perfect Christmas tree.  For years, we’ve been going to the same Christmas tree farm where we would pay $25 and could cut down any size tree – and we’ve come home with some huge ones – some years we would have to cut another foot or two off the tree just to be able to stand it up in our living room!  A few years ago, their supply of frasier firs dwindled and we had to switch to douglas firs – also a very nice tree, and with the added benefit of being not quite as heavy.  Last year, this wonderful family-run tree farm closed up because they didn’t have enough trees for people to cut, and the new trees they’ve planted will need several years before they are ready.

Last year, we found a new farm and for just a few more dollars, we had a beautiful, tall douglas fir for Christmas.  They were unsure if they would be open again this season, so last week I called and found out that they were closed.  Disappointed, we searched again for a new tree farm.  There are several about a 1/2 hour north of us, so on Saturday we headed out in search of our tree.  There was still snow on the ground from last week, but it was warming into the mid-40s on Saturday, making the round a muddy mess.  As we drove around looking for the various tree farms, Nicolas cringed every time mud splashed up on the sides of the truck!

The 1st tree farm we visited promised “The best trees at the best prices!”, and at $40 for any size tree, it wasn’t too bad a deal.  Unfortunately, as we walked around the farm, we realized that the pickins’ were pretty slim!


We gave up on this farm and headed down the road.  We stopped at a couple more that weren’t much better, and even at a house where a lady was letting people cut down trees in her backyard!  Her trees actually looked pretty nice, but with prices STARTING at $70, we decided to keep looking!

We finally ended up at the Broadview Tree Farm,


along with a hundred or so other people determined to get their tree before the rain predicted for Sunday!  The majority of the folks were jumping on the wagons and going out into the field to find either a white spruce ($40) or canaan fir ($45).


Any size, same price sounded pretty good until we heard that the tallest we would find would be “about 7 ft.” . . . then we weren’t so anxious to jump on the bandwagon!

We inquired about other fir trees, and she directed us to a patch of douglas firs over behind the barn . . . we walked in that direction, neglecting to ask about the price . . .

Mr. Christmas (Nick) wasn’t too thrilled with the available trees, but we were running out of options, and daylight!  We finally settled on a 9 ft. tree, although narrow and not too full, and Nicolas got to work with the saw.


The boys carried it (pretty much effortlessly, according to Nick!) back to the cashier, where she “oohed & ahhed” over the beautiful tree we found, and we forked over $63 . . .


. . . the most $ we’ve ever paid, for the smallest tree we’ve ever had!  Oh well, we have a tree, and it will look beautiful once it’s up and decorated!

We got it home, and after a quick dinner we brought it in the house and got it set up.


Nicolas was ready to decorate, so he got started and I helped him (role-reversal!!).  We had plenty of lights, and actually even had 1 strand left over that we didn’t use!


There were several benefits to having a smaller tree:

1.  We could get all the way around it easily (usually we have branches smashed up against the windows, and sticking out in front of the fireplace)

2.  You can see the whole tree (typically, the top of our tree is in the skylight, and you can’t really see it!)

3.  Two hours later (NOT two days later!) we had it all decorated!


Nicolas still thinks we should have gotten a bigger tree, but at least it’s up and decorated, so he’s happy!



  1. Would have been easier and cheaper if you took one of the three from moms place!!! $30.00 and take your pick!!! Don Jr.

  2. Once you sell the house and are full-timing, just bring the trailer next to a tree and decorate it. Plug it in the side of the trailer. You don't have to cut it down, and you can come back the next year and do it all again to the same tree.

    It's about time.

  3. hey tell Nick the tree looks great
    He does a great job


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