Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saying good-bye to the 3 wheeler

Nicolas was just 8 or 9 years old when we bought the 3-wheeler, and barely big enough to drive it!


It’s gotten a lot of mileage around here – both for work,


and for play!


He and Tom have been kind of half-heartedly trying to sell the 3 wheeler for the last year or so, but this week they decided to get serious.  So they dropped the price and re-listed it on craigslist again.  They must have hit the price just right because the phone was ringing off the hook!  Last night, a guy and his two kids came over to check it out – they looked it over, listened to it run, and then loaded it up in their truck to take it home!  I think they were there all of 5 minutes!!

So now the 3 wheeler has a new family, and Nick & Tom are happy that they got a little more for it than we paid back when we bought it.

Nicolas never did get to drive it on the sand dunes like he wanted to, but he and Bryce did have some fun in the snow earlier this winter!



Thanks to everyone who commented on our exciting news in my last post.  We’re looking forward to meeting up with many of you when we hit the road!  And yes, I will give my sisters first dibs on any of my dishes I don’t take with me in the RV!


  1. one item down! many more to go?

  2. Congratulations on getting the house sold. I commented on your thread on the forum but didn't realize just who you were then. I bet you are so excited to finally hit the road. Maybe we will get a chance to hook up further down the road.

  3. How many more to go? It's scary to even think about! LOL Then there's the stuff that you say, "Yes, it's valuable, but will anybody buy it in this economy?" Some of that will go to family & friends, but I'm also checking into a consignment shop for some of the bigger stuff. That way, at least, if it takes a while to sell, I don't have to store it.

  4. Looks like my old Honda 185S, sure loved that three wheeler in the sand dunes. I sure don't envy your next month, that was us 2 years ago but it sure is worth the end result of hitting the road. Glad that it is finally in view.


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