Sunday, March 18, 2012

Going Green

Things are certainly looking green around here, and it’s not just Bryce’s favorite – MI State Spartans --

MI State

or even all the green treats I made for our St. Patrick’s Day feast!

St Patricks Day Feast

All the earlier-than-normal, warmer-than-normal weather we are getting in Michigan lately is turning everything green --


the grass --


and the trees!  I think this has to be the earliest my magnolia tree has ever bloomed!  (I hope we don’t get a sudden frost to kill everything off!)

Tom even decided he could get the bike out and get it ready to ride!


We’ve had a really mild winter, and now we seem to be moving right into spring (or is it summer!?!) . . . and we’re ready for it!

Bryce is thrilled that the Spartans are moving on in the NCAA Tournament, but it’s too bad that my school – University of Detroit Titans – didn’t make it a little further! 

The boys’ basketball season ended this weekend, too.  Both championship games were very good, and although Bryce’s team was not successful, they had a great season and really enjoyed themselves!


Nicolas’ team played a great game, demonstrating competitiveness and good sportsmanship at all times, and it paid off – they maintained their 1st place position and won the Championship!


So, now it’s time to start gearing up for baseball and camping season . . . I haven’t made any reservations yet, and it’s time to start figuring out where we want to go, so I had better get busy!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Spring!!

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  1. Happy Spring to you all! bites on the house yet?..enjoy the good weather!


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