Monday, September 10, 2012

Campground Review–Hidden Ridge RV Resort

Our site:  #28

Site 28

Location:  Hopkins, MI

The RV Park is located off US-131, about halfway between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, exit #59.  We left from our former home at about 4pm on a Friday, taking I-94 west to US-131 North, and arrived at the park by 6pm.  The park is very convenient to the freeway, but we didn’t notice any freeway noise at all.

The RV hung over the back of the cement pad somewhat, and we were a little bit crowded with both the car & truck, but we fit, and there was plenty of open grassy space behind us.

There are a lot of seasonal campers, but the sites are all kept basically the same, and it’s kindof hard to tell the seasonals from the “weekenders”.

Towards our campsite

If you look straight through the opening in the fence, all the way over to the woods, you can see our RV on site #28.

Many of the sites overlook the various ponds located throughout the campground.

Towards the Entrance

When we stayed here:  Friday, August 31, 2012 – Friday, September 7,2012.  We paid the weekly rate of $302, which was equivalent to just about 1 day free (normal daily rate:  $49). 

We had a full hookup site, which also included cable TV and wifi.  The free wifi was OK, but kindof slow, especially on the holiday weekend.  It was slightly better during the week.  We managed without paying the extra $15/week for faster internet . . . not sure how much faster it would have been.  Verizon signal was pretty good.

Amenities:  This was a very nice RV Park, with a great pool,


and a pavilion by the pool where they had various activities.  We were there for Labor Day Weekend, and there was bingo on Friday, games and refreshments by the pool on Saturday and Sunday, and a DJ/dance party on Sunday night.  There was also a special treat for the holiday weekend, which everybody seemed to enjoy, including us!

Elephant Ear Cart

The campground also offered a playground, basketball court and tennis courts, all near the pool.




There were also a volley ball court and horseshoe courts, but I didn’t get pictures of them.  Lastly, there was a clubhouse, which offered a library, a media room, a game room, and a fitness room.  All of this was located on the lower levels of what looked like a large home . . . and it was, in fact, the home of the onsite managers.

The Clubhouse

The boys enjoyed the game room, and Tom made himself right at home on the couch!!

The bath house and laundry were located near the pool, and were very clean . . . especially considering it was a holiday weekend, and they were packed!  Showers were individual and, although spacious and clean, they could have used some ventilation . . . and the water was extremely HOT!

Bath House and Laundry

The laundry had three Maytag Neptune front-loading washers, and six dryers.  Washers cost $1.75/load and dryers were $1.00/load.

Nearby:  We went to Weick’s Grocery Store in nearby Shelbyville (about 5 miles away).  They had reasonable prices, with a deli and bakery . . . and a very nice meat department!  There were several catholic churches nearby, but only 1 with a 9:30am mass . . . SS Ceril & Methodius, in Wayland.  Wayland also had several gas stations (including a Speedway) and various fast food restaurants.  We ordered pizza one night from Guisseppe’s in Wayland . . . and they delivered to the campground.  slightly farther away, in Otsego, there was a Walmart and Meijer’s.

Overall Impression:  This RV Park was very well maintained and offered lots of amenities and activities.  The Managers and other staff were highly visible and very friendly.  Rules were enforced, but in a friendly way.  We really enjoyed our stay here, and would definitely consider a return visit!


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  2. We love this place. This year (2013) we've signed up to be "seasonals" despite the fact that we own property up north. The family just has too much fun here to pass up. Managers (Janie and Matt) are really great people. They work hard to make for a great summer there. Sun RV (ownership) should be thrilled to have them involved.


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