Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our last week as homeowners

After arriving home from our trip to Cedar Point, we had just one week to finish our move into the RV!  We left it parked outside and plugged into the barn, and moved in everything we wanted to take with us, starting with our mattress.


By Sunday night, we were officially living in the RV in the driveway, and continued to sell, donate or throw away what was left in the house.  Thankfully, the weather had gotten a little milder, especially at night, and we were comfortable without the A/C, since we were running off a 20 amp plug in the barn!

Gradually, the rooms in the house were being emptied,



leaving only the items being left behind for the new owner.  The kitchen had the only remaining seats, and was used as our “office central”.


Bryce was in charge of burning old documents and records that we no longer needed.


It was a busy and chaotic week, with people coming over to buy the last of our bigger items, and arranging for utilities to be taken out of our names, and filling garbage bags with stuff that’s been stored for the last 15 years . . . and making sure that everything was in place for the closing on Thursday!

We were originally supposed to close on Friday, but the realtors wanted to have an extra business day of cushion, in case there was a glitch in the paperwork, so we agreed to a late Thursday closing, with us maintaining occupancy until Friday at noon.

The closing was amazingly quick and smooth – I guess that’s what you get when there’s no bank involved! – and before we knew it, we were no longer homeowners!!

We went back to “that house we’ve called home for 15 years”, and did some more moving and cleaning, and then met our realtors at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  It was quite the celebration, and Patrick & Scott presented us with “closing gifts” of gas cards for Tom & I, and a really nice pair of Nikon Binoculars for the boys . . . they are such great guys, and we really loved working with them and getting to be friends!

Just 10 minutes before the noon deadline on Friday, we removed the last of our stuff from the house, and walked over to say good-bye to the neighbors.  We had visited with just 2 of the 5 neighbors by 1pm when we saw the new homeowner drive up, so we walked back to talk with her for a bit.  She and her kids are really nice, and I think they are going to love living in their new home!

By 3pm, we had eaten lunch and finished putting things away in the RV (at least in temporary locations), and were hitched up, ready to drive out.  We finished our good-byes with the other 3 neighbors, with hugs and promises to keep in touch, and then it was time to take our last trip down the driveway!


It was a little difficult to leave our first real house, and the only home the boys have ever known, but we’re looking forward to the adventures that lie in front of us!!  ROAMIMG FREE!!!


  1. It's so good to know you're among the full timers and maybe we can meet up again along the way. What fun and adventures you'll have. The boys can SEE what's in the history books.

    See you soon in a park nearby.

  2. Now the adventures will begin and the boys will really start to learn.

    Kathy and I might be dropping by before the end of the month for a few days to visit.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We'd love it if you guys drop by for a few days! It'll be like a Thunder Bay reunion!

  3. Enjoy your new lifestyle! Have some amazing adventures, and make lots of wonderful family memories. Bon voyage!

  4. It was hard driving away that last time, knowing we wouldn't ever be pulling into that driveway again. It will be really weird next spring for us when we return to our hometown for a visit and have to stay somewhere else! Best wishes and safe journeys. If you're in FL this winter give us a shout!

  5. Good luck marci-tom-nick and Bryce. I wish you safe travels and much enjoyment. Keep in touch often especially with mom! Love Tina.

  6. I am so glad you finally sold your place. I read through from the beginning and sat on pins and needles and finally had to go through and find the SOLD post. We were full-timers and then needed to settle back into a crazy life for an odd reason of insanity! LOL! We bought a house- dumb move, and looking at selling it in 2 years. Our town is growing fast and expecting a lot of movement soon. We are just a few miles from the University and it's also growing. So, we are hopeful. It's been fun reading your posts. Be blessed on the road!


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