Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2015 Monaco Gathering

Lazydays site 291

Back in the summer, when we were still researching motorhomes, Tom found a Monaco Owners Group in Yahoo Groups.  After we put a deposit on our ‘06 Dynasty, Tom joined the group so he could start asking questions and get some advice on our upcoming purchase.

He got lots of good advice from several group members, including a really good checklist of things to inspect when purchasing a used motorhome.

Once we made our purchase, he continued to communicate via the forum – asking questions about the various systems thatare new to us.  Through the forum conversations, we heard about the 2015 Monaco Gathering that was happening at Lazydays during the first week of February.  It sounded like a good way to learn about our new coach and make some contacts with other Monaco owners, so we signed up.

We arrived at Lazydays on Tuesday, and got set up on site 291.  There were a total of 66 RVs signed up for the rally, and most were arriving on Tuesday.  It was a zoo around there, but the staff at Lazydays were pretty organized and got everybody checked in without issue.

The Gathering included seminars on Wednesday through Friday,


Maintenance Q & A











where most of the men – and a few of the women – learned about maintaining their engines, transmissions, suspension, awnings, slides, tires.  There was a lot of really good information being shared!

We also saw a presentation on RV’ing to Alaska, and another on cooking in the convection microwave.

Cooking with Chef Perez

In addition to teaching us about cooking in the convection microwave, the Chef was responsible for providing delicious buffet dinners each night – BBQ, Italian, Latin, Turkey and Roast Beef.  Nobody went home hungry in the evenings!

In addition to the seminars and dinners, we had an opportunity to have the motorhome weighed – we’re within our recommended values on all axles  Smile -- and we had our steering gear checked and adjusted, removing some of the “slop” that had been in the steering.

We met some really nice people, and made a lot of great contacts – we’re really glad we attended!

On Saturday afternoon, once all the presentations were finished, we took a drive to Parkesdale Market in Plant City with our friends, Lynn & Dave, to enjoy some yummy strawberry shortcake.  They had never been there before, so they had to try it!

Parkesdale Market

Yum - Strawberry Shortcake

Oh, it was so good!!

Bryce didn’t go with us, because the Michigan State basketball game was on – I guess basketball has more appeal than strawberry shortcake! I was going to bring him a strawberry shake, but the line had grown to a ridiculous length by the time we were leaving!!

No shake for Bryce, but I did bring home some good-looking strawberries!


It was a really good week!


  1. Great way to learn about your new motorhome and make friends!!! Parksdale is one of our favorite stops in that area...but NEVER on the weekend;o(( We got strawberries there this winter and they are the best we have found so far!!!

  2. Always a wise thing to learn as much as you can when dealing with any kind of RV. That is time well spent that could save big $$$$$ in the future.
    Tom looks like he's about to pounce on Lynn's shortcake even with his own not being touched.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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