Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mermaids, Cars and Friends

Mermaid Theatre -- since 1947

Weeki Wachee Springs


When we came to Florida in our first year on the road, Bryce wanted to visit Weeki Wachee because he has seen it on “Only in America” with Larry the Cableguy (Many of his destination choices were detemined this way!!).  We were in the area, but we never did get there.

So, with our latest stop just a few miles away, we set aside Saturday to go see the mermaids.

Mermaid Statues

Fountain and entrance


There was also the added bonus of a car show on Saturday . . . and that’s always a crowd-pleaser around here!




We had some time before the next Mermaid Show, so we checked out the cars first.



A nice day for a car show

It was a small show, but there were some pretty nice cars.













“Un Falcon Believeable”

Green seemed to be a very popular color here in Florida!


























There were peacocks roaming all over the place, and they really seemed to be drawn to the shiny chrome!

Peacock 1

Our guess was that they thought they were seeing another peacock in their reflection.

Peacock 2

Once we got through the cars, it was almost time for the show, so we made our way back to the Mermaid Theatre, passing the beach/waterpark on our way.

Waterslides at the spring

The underwater theatre was built back in 1947, and has been continuously operating since then.  Spectators sit on rows of benches and watch the show through windos along the edge of the spring.

Underwater theatre

The spring is at a constant temperature of 74 degrees, and the mermaid lagoon is located at the headwaters of the spring.  Behind their “stage” is a hole that goes deep into the earth to the source of the spring water – nobody even knows how deep it is!

Mermaid Acrobatics

The turtles wouldn't leave them alone!











The mermaids performed underwater acrobatics while the fish and turtles in the spring tried to get in on the act!

Drinking a pop underwater


They ate food underwater, and drank pop from a bottle . . . not the easiest things to do, I don’t think!


They’ve been using the same breathing system since 1947, and there are two “airlocks” int he lagoon where they can go to breathe between acts.




The “curtain” that coveres the viewing windows between acts is a mass of bubbles that come up from below – pretty cool!

The fish was trying to get into the act!

If you look carefully, you can see a turtle next to the girl on the left . . . he looks like he’s doing the same actions as the performers!

The final act was a salute to the military . . . well done!

Mermaid tribute to the military

The show was short – only about 20 minutes – but enjoyable!

Afterwards, there was a mermaid available for pictures . . . it didn’t take much convincing to get Bryce to take a picture with her . . . wonder why??!!




Tom had to get his chance too!


After the show, we got a quick lunch and then made our way over to the boat dock for the riverboat tour.

Riverboat Tour

It was just a short ride up the river, and with the warmer temperatures there were no manatees in the spring, but we did see lots of fish and a few birds.


Anhinga's back feathers

Lots of cypress trees along the river.  They said this one was 130 years old.

130-year-old cypress tree

Our guide told us that Florida is home to the 2nd highest number of nesting bald eagle pairs – 2nd only to Alaska – that’s pretty amazing!

These tall pines were home to one pair.  We could clearly see the nest, and we could see the white head of an eagle sitting in the tree near the nest.  You can kindof see it in this photo.

Bald Eagle and Nest

Things were winding down at the park when we got back from the boat tour, so we headed out after one last picture.  It was a nice say at Weeki Wachee Springs!

Bryce and I

On Sunday after church, we drove down to Zephyrhills to visit with our friends, Roger and Joyce.  They fulltimed for several years, but last year transitioned back to a house.  They were originally from Michigan, as well, so we had met up with them several times in the past when we were both back in our “home state”.  Now they call Florida home, and we were glad to be able to visit.


Hershey loved Bryce


Hershey especially liked Bryce!





We had a really nice lunch on their back porch . . . complete with entertainment from the party up the street!  Smile


Seriously, though, it was great to see them and their new home, and we had a great visit!

Roger & Joyce with "the kids"



  1. Wow...they still have the mermaid show! My grandparents visited and showed me photos of the mermaids when I was a very young girl. Now that was many moons ago; o)))

  2. That means there is still lots that we didn't see in Florida. Maybe the next time we are down there we'll have to check it out.
    Glad you still find time to visit with good friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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