Monday, September 26, 2016

It’s been awhile since we added a new state to our map

The easiest route to our next stop south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, would have been I-76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, but we really weren’t crazy about the big tolls for the RV & Jeep, especially when there was an alternative on this leg of the journey.  So we mapped out a route that would take us through the Ohio countryside, and follow the Ohio River to Wheeling, West Virginia, where we could pick up I-70 into Pennsylvania.



It was a beautiful day for a drive, and we had an easy drive through the Ohio countryside,

Ohio Countryside












and up some pretty crazy hills!

There were some hills!

In East Liverpool, we started following the Ohio River South, and the drive was curvy and scenic.

Following the Ohio River











There were several power plants taking up real estate along the river, though, including one that we drove straight through,

Power Plant

We drive right through it!












and a nuclear power plant that was ridiculously close to the road!

Nuclear Power Plant

Steubenville had a fancy new bridge crossing the river, but we stayed in Ohio until we reached I-70, and then crossed into Wheeling, West Virginia.

Bridge over the Ohio River

With that, we’re able to add Pennsylvania to our map of states!


Once we were on the interstate, the drive was much less scenic, and about an hour later we arrived at our home for the next two nights – Fox Den Acres Campground – and we had our first taste of the STEEP, NARROW roads around Pittsburgh!


We had to make a sharp left turn off a narrow road onto an even narrower road, and down a steep hill, to the entrance where we had to dodge telephone poles and huge boulders!  Campgrounds don’t like to make this easy on us, do they?!?


We pulled up at the Park Store,

Interesting Camp Store

just as families were getting started with their trick-or-treating in the campground.  We didn’t have any candy with us, so luckily we were busy with getting checked in and set up while the kids were out!

It was an interesting store/museum, with lots of stuff hanging around on the porch.

Totem Poles

On the ceiling of the porch




We circled through the campground, and out to the lower section where we had a nice long pull-thru site.

Our site in the lower area of the campground

Site 119










We did have one little mishap on this trip – the air line for the brakes, from the motorhome to the Jeep, disconnected on the motorhome side and was dragging on the road for some time as we drove, wearing off the end of the connector.  Fortunately, there was a Harbor Freight just up the road, and we were able to get a new connector (as well as a spare), so Tom and his dad could get the air line repaired.

We also made a Walmart run to restock a few groceries, so with that business out of the way, we were all set for a day of exploring on Sunday.


  1. You really have to be prepared for narrow roads and check your route for low clearances in the Northeast. We always use Allstays to check clearances, but more than not we stay on the major highways in that area of the country.

  2. Our first RV Dreams Rally was in Hersey Pennsylvania and the one Campground we went to took us across a single lane bridge that had tight turns on both sides. Since then like Bill and Nancy we tend to stay on the highways when towing. Nice scenic trip though.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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