Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Busy Labor Day Weekend

OK, so I can’t remember what we did on Friday . . . but I’m sure we had fun!! LOL

The Spartans had a football game that night, so the rest of our gang (Bryce & Hannah, her parents and brother) all showed up Saturday morning.

Bryce was anxious to get out on the dunes, so they got busy getting the Jeep ready as soon as they got here.  They like to take the doors off the Jeep, but the one rear door was giving them some trouble – Stephanie wondered just how many Gimmarro’s it takes to dis-assemble a Jeep!!

Nothing they tried would get that door off – so their options were to go out with 3 doors off and 1 on, or all doors on.  They didn’t want to look like goofs, so they put the other 3 doors back on!

They all headed to the dunes then, along with our friends Dave & Kathy, while Tom and I stayed back at the RV.  Hannah’s parents came over after they finished setting up their camper, and we all enjoyed drinks and appetizers.  The kids spent a couple hours on the dunes – Nick said it was MUCH busier!  Dave took Nick & Stephanie for a ride in his Jeep, too – his is set up specifically for the dunes, and he really knows how to have fun out there.  He took them for a wild ride!

They came back and finished off the appetizers we had out, and then Bryce & Hannah went down to the other campground to set up their tent before we went to dinner.  We decided on pizza at the Bucket Bar, and it was a great evening for eating outside.  After dinner, we had a fire back at our site and the kids played cards.

We were treated to a beautiful sunset!

On Sunday morning, Tom & I and the boys went to church, and when we got back Paul and Tari suggested a hike on the dunes to Lake Michigan.  Tom & I weren’t really up for it, but the kids were, so they all headed over to the pedestrian dune, and Tom & I went up on the dunes with Dave & Kathy, in their Jeep.

Another busy day – look at that line of vehicles waiting to get onto the dunes!

We made it out there, and I was amazed at the lineup waiting to go up test hill!  I’ve never seen it so crowded!

The first challenge is getting through the people just parked along the bottom of the hill, then you have to find an opening at the top to aim for!  Dave’s a pro at it!

He squeezed his way in, and we made it to the top!  I have no idea what the “Taco” flags mean . . . LOL

There’s always such a great view from the top of Test Hill!  Lots of people down by the beach!

We continued over the hills beyond Test Hill,

climbing each hill at the steepest possible point Dave could find!!

At least we never got stuck or had to back down!

Photographers were set up at one of the last hills, so there were lots of people jumping.

There were lots of people standing along the edge of the pedestrian area, but we didn’t see Paul & Tari and the kids.

They made it all the way to the lake, though, and sent me a few pictures.

Bryce & Hannah

Nick & Stephanie,

and my two handsome boys!

We continued on through the trails and down to the beach, where Dave likes to play in the water!

Tom never takes our Jeep in the water, but Dave likes the cool the engine down by driving through the water . . . at least that’s what he tells us he’s doing!! LOL

There’s not much beach for parking on this year!

But plenty of puddles to play in!

We circled back around, and looked for another path to the top of Test Hill – still crowded!

Parked at the top, we watched the action around us while we waited for the kids to show up.  They had finished their hike and were headed up in Nick’s truck.

These guys were interesting . . . not sure why they were trying to go up backwards!

They had a little better luck when they turned around . . .

Then there was this one that looked like a homemade vehicle,

a few sand rails,

and Trump guy!

We were having way too much fun!!

The kids arrived then, and Nicolas was not able only to find us (not too hard to spot Dave’s Jeep with all his flags!), but also to get a spot next to us on the peak!

They joined us in people-watching,

Lots of people enjoying a beautiful day!

Then it was time for a little “Follow the Leader”

with Dave in the lead!  (I’m sure Bryce & Hannah & Jensen were just loving following that maize and blue flag around!)

Dave once again chose the steepest spot to climb the next hill, and Nicolas had a little trouble with his truck,

He picked a new spot and made it up that time!

His truck was doing pretty good up there!

Following us through the trails,

and then Nick took the lead . . .

as we headed for home.  They were hungry, so we made plans to meet Paul & Tari at the Big Hart Brewery for and early dinner, and the kids went to play mini golf afterwards.  When they got back to the RV, Nicolas decided he’d had enough dune time, so he cleaned up his truck and got it ready for the drive back to Virginia the next day.  While he did that, Bryce and Hannah and Jensen went back on the dunes for sunset with Dave & Kathy, and then cleaned up the Jeep when they got back.

We wrapped up the weekend with ice cream at Whippy Dip,

and everybody said their good-byes, as Bryce & Hannah would be heading back to school in the morning, and Nick & Stephanie would be getting an early start on their trip back to Virginia.

One last picture of my boys – I just loved having them together for one more weekend this summer!

We don’t know how long it will be before they are able to see each other again – Nick has a very busy year coming up, and Bryce graduates this spring and will move on to Graduate School somewhere . . .

I’m so glad Nicolas was able to get this time off, and we were able to get everyone together here – they had a lot of fun, and I think Stephanie really enjoyed her first visit to Michigan.  It also gave us time to catch up with some great friends, and we always love that!

It was a busy weekend, and the time went by so quickly . . . but I loved every minute of it!

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  1. It looks like a great TIME. The guys look good with beautiful women by their sides. So glad you could spend this time with them. Good luck guys. Aunt Tina


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