Saturday, September 14, 2019

Exploring Ludington State Park

After a beautiful day at the pool and the dunes, Wednesday was going to be cloudy and a little cooler, so we took a drive up to Ludington.  The kids were shopping for sweatshirts, so we checked out all the downtown shops first, but they didn’t find any they wanted to buy.

This was a really interesting shop in an old gas station . . .

and we walked around the marina to check out some of the boats.

We found this on the corner by one of the shops and I just had to make them pose for me . . . they’re very agreeable!

From town, we headed out to the state park.  It was very windy, and the lake was really rough!

Had to get a picture of these two at the beach!

Tom had to chase the seagulls away as we made our way to the Visitor Center.

We studied the history of the state park, and enjoyed the view from the balcony – definitely not a beach day!

We wanted to take the hike to Big Sable Lighthouse – there used to be 3 options to get there – the hiking trail through the woods and over the dunes (we did that trail when the kids were small), the access road to the lighthouse, and along the beach.

When we were here with Bryce back in 2016, we walked along the beach and there were a couple spots where we had to walk in the water or climb up on a small bluff, but with the current high water situation, the beach trail is no longer an option at all.  So that left us with 2 options, and we heard that the trail was under water in areas, too, so we opted for the access road.  It’s the least interesting option – pretty much a straight sand road –

but there were a few side trails up the dunes, and it only to one comment from me, “In his younger days, Nicolas would be running up those dunes!”, and they rose to the challenge!

And back down again!

While they were playing on the dunes, we continued on, knowing that they would catch up with us.

There were several rain-created ponds along the trail, between the dunes and the pine forest.

Soon we had our first glimpse of the lighthouse,

and before much longer, it came into full view.

We walked down towards the front of the lighthouse where you used to be able to walk up from the beach, but the entire walkway is under water, and you could hardly even see the seawall.

We could see the waves crashing right over the seawall!

The kids followed the trail to the watchtower, and braved the angry waves rising up on the seawall.

They managed not to get wet!

In the lighthouse, we talked with the volunteers and heard the history of the lighthouse.  He also told us that this is not the highest the lake has ever been, but it’s pretty darn close!  It’s a cycle, though, and the lake has high years followed by low years, and we’re starting a downward trend.

He also told several ghost stories – pretty creepy!

As active duty military, Nick and Stephanie received free admission to climb the lighthouse, so they went up while Tom and I talked some more with the volunteer.

They sent me a few of their pictures . . .

Nicolas climbing up, and the view from the top.

At the top of Big Sable Point Lighthouse . . .

One last photo op at the lighthouse,

before heading back the way we came.  Two miles each way – it was a nice hike, and the weather was actually pretty perfect for it – a little windy, but otherwise great.

Back home, we had dinner and Nick got a fire started.  The wood looked dry, but it took some time to get going . . . eventually we had a good fire, though,

and enjoyed another nice sunset.

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  1. You have really been busy visiting with the boys and their friends seeing all the sights that Michigan has to offer.
    Just getting caught up. The new job limits my time On-Line.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the RV Lifestyle.

    It's about time.


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