Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our first trip to the RV Repair Shop

"Already??" you ask. Yes, remember I mentioned the bad seal around the slide? We're going to get that replaced, and have a few other minor things taken care of that we failed to notice during delivery of the RV -- too much to absorb at once!!

So, we are taking it to Duncan RV Repair in Elkhart, IN. This is a shop that RV Dude told us about that does Newmar warranty work. We're dropping it off tomorrow, and then spending the weekend with my parents, who are in the area. We'll return for another weekend visit with my parents in a few weeks, and stay to pick up the RV on Monday morning. We'll be without our rig for three weeks, but not to worry -- our next camping trip requires us to be in tents anyway -- that'll be an adventure!

We didn't do too much this week -- just work, catching up with laundry, and emptying the RV of all the "camping stuff" we'll need. This weekend should be nice -- we haven't been to "Grandma's Lake" since Memorial Day . . . I'll try to remember to get some pics this time!

That's it for tonight . . . going to bed now, so we can get a fairly early start tomorrow.

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  1. I love the digital puzzle. That was interesting.

    Safe Travels,

    Rollie & Gina


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