Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A week at home

Well, we successfully delivered the RV to Duncan RV Repair on Friday last week. We got set up with one of the Master Technicians, Ron, and spent a couple of hours with him. We gave him our list of concerns, and he reviewed each one with us. Because we had a couple of paint issues, he introduced us to the "paint man", Vinny, who looked over the entire coach with us also. They are both really great guys, and thorough in their work . . . we're confident that they are going to do a great job, and get our coach into the "new" shape it should have been in. As a matter of fact, Ron called me today to find out where I had put the broken handle to the central vac floor port -- he knew I showed it to him, but didn't know where I put it after that! I told him it was in the bottom kitchen drawer . . . and then he went on to give me a status update. He's already taken care of many of the items on our list, and a few are awaiting authorization from Newmar, and he's found a few little things that he's fixed and added to our list. Great service!!

After dropping off the RV, we picked up a pie to take to my parents, and had pretzels and shakes in Shipshewana. Then we headed to "Grandma's Lake". It's really Manapogo Park, in Orland, IN, but in our family it's always been known as "Grandma's Lake". I remembered to take a few pictures. My parents have been seasonal there since the mid-70s, so they have a prime site in the "front row" overlooking the lake. Unfortunately, in the last few years, they've allowed people to park in the area between this row of campers and the beach, but the campers are on a slight hill, so the view is still pretty decent.

Looking towards the beach.
From 200907_Grandma's Lake

Looking towards the boat docks.
From 200907_Grandma's Lake

Looking back at the campsite,
From 200907_Grandma's Lake

and the firepit.
From 200907_Grandma's Lake

We had a really nice weekend there. After a downpour early Saturday morning, the sun came out and it was beautiful. Tom and the boys went with my brother-in-law out in his boat to ride around and swim in the middle of the lake. My mom, my sisters and I sat in the sun, reading our books and talking about my niece's upcoming wedding (Aug. 8th). Saturday night we had a nice fire, and I made hobo pies -- blueberry, cherry, apple . . . and cheese for my mom! They all love them, but nobody likes to cook them, so they all wait for me to be there so I can make them for everybody!! I don't mind . . . On Sunday, we sat in the sun some more, and then everybody was heading home kindof early. We were on the road by 4pm, and home by 6pm.

At home today, I had to put in a few hours of work, and then the kids and I ran over to the local florist to arrange to have some flowers delivered to Tom's mom on Friday -- it's her 80th birthday! This afternoon I baked cookies and made spaghetti sauce for dinner -- both were yummy! We're not getting any action on our house lately, and it's a good thing because I haven't had time to clean or do any weeding -- and it's really beginning to show!! So, today after an early dinner, Tom was working on his car and the boys were watching a movie, I decided to give the kitchen a thorough cleaning . . . cleaned the stove, cleaned the counters, mopped the floor . . . it really needed it, and now it looks great! I'll leave the weeding for Saturday morning -- it's supposed to cool down some again this weekend.

OK, I guess that's enough for tonight. I'm going to go downstairs and watch some tv with Tom and the kids, and work on my list of what to pack for our tenting vacation next week.

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