Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is why I have an RV!!!

Well, it took a couple of hours, but we finally go everything loaded into the truck for our "camping trip". It was a tight fit, but it all went in.

From 200907_Platte River

As we were packing, we all couldn't help but think "It's SO much easier to camp in the RV!!" We finally hit the road at 3pm -- good thing Tom and I took the afternoon off, or would have never gotten on the road today! The drive was uneventful - 250 miles, about 4 hours - a few drizzles, but for the most part we dodged the rain. As we neared our destination, the sky started looking rather threatening, and we hoped the rain would hold off -- and it did, that is until we got most of the truck unloaded and started setting up the tents!!! Then the sky opened up, and we got drenched! The boys were in the middle of setting up their tent, and the whole inside got wet! Tom and I were working on the screenroom, so that we'd have a covering for some stuff, and so our tent stayed dry in the truck's tonneau cover. The rain finally let up a little bit, and we finished the setup, and got the boys' tent dried out enough to put their air mattresses in. We finished up around 10:30, and just went to bed. Shortly afterwards, it started raining again, and didn't stop all night!

There was a smal lull around 6:30am, and Tom and I were awake, so we ran over to the bathroom, and took Casey out for a quick walk. We could hear thunder rumbling in the distance, and about halfway around the loop, it started raining again! We ran back to the tent and went back to bed! It slowed down again around 9am, and the boys got up, so we all get dressed and had breakfast. We even had time to take Casey for a walk around all of the loops.

So now we're in the small town of Frankfort, MI, and the boys are out walking around while I sit in the truck checking our email and writing this post coutesy of the wireless internet of "Serendipity House". It's still pretty gloomy, and we're hoping the weather takes a turn for the better. That reminds me, I want to check . . . .

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  1. Sherri and I remember those Tent Days! I could not do that again...I am to frail to do all that work..HE HE. Sounds like your having fun.


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