Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our first geocaching adventure

A week ago, the weather finally started taking a turn toward spring.  We still had a pretty deep layer of snow around, but it was a warm and sunny Saturday -- a great day for a walk in the park!  We decided to try our hand at geocaching, so I located 3 caches in the local Metropark and figured out how to load the coordinates into my GPS.

We loaded Casey into the car and took off!  The first cache was supposed to be located near the playground, so we walked in that direction, following the GPS right to the location of the cache.  Nicolas quickly spotted it -- Yeah!  Our first ever geocache -- success!!

The route to the 2nd cache took us through the woods, across the disc golf course, along a cross country ski path and a nature trail, and finally to the paved bike path that circles the park. 

We zeroed in on the location, and the kids spent about 30 minutes searching in the brush for the cache, but we never did find it.  The snow was still really deep off the paths, so we're thinking that's why we couldn't find it.

We were a little discouraged by our failure, but followed the bike path for an easy walk to the location of the 3rd cache. 

This was a virtual cache, and we knew we were looking for a historical marker.  The GPS took us down a side path where we had never ventured before, and we easily found the marker.

(I think Tom is trying to find ME!)

2 for 3 for the day -- not bad for our first attempt!  We walked the rest of the way around the bike path to the parking lot, and then headed home.  3 hours of hiking in the woods, and we were nicely tired . . . even Casey was exhausted!

We've had really warm weather for the last week or so, and all our snow is now gone . . . Bryce wants to know when we're going to go back to find that other cache!  We're loving this weather -- I hope it stays!!


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your beautiful photos. Gosh, what a wonderful life you are exposing your handsome boys to. We traveled a lot with our kids when they were young, but we did not get an RV until they were almost out of high school. Too late by then to really get them interested in the lifestyle. They now prefer airplane trips and hotels....poor souls!

    Keep up the great writing and sharing your journey with everyone.

  2. Welcome to geocaching! I've been addicted for a little over a year now. What a fun thing to do as a family :)



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