Thursday, July 22, 2010

A beautiful weekend at Grandma's Lake

Last weekend, we headed down to Indiana to visit my Mom and Dad -- it was our first trip to the lake this summer, and it was a good weekend to go!  The weatherman was calling for HOT and SUNNY, and the campground was having their "Beach Party" weekend -- full of games and music and food!

My nephew, Luke, and his daughter, Kailyn, were also spending the weekend at the lake with the Grandparents (my sister, Diane, and brother-in-law, Danny) and the "Old Grandparents".  Kailyn was excited to spend time with her cousins.

Another sister, Sandi, had her granddaughter, Tarrah, and a friend up for the weekend, and another sister and brother-in-law, Deby and Charlie, were there too.  I know this sounds like a mighty big crowd (and it's nowhere near all of us!), but we weren't all in one trailer!  Diane, Sandi and Deby each have their own trailers, so although we have lots of meals together, everyone has their own place to stay.

OK, now that we've got that all cleared up . . .

We had a really nice weekend -- they had music and games all day on the beach, and it was sunny and hot, as promised!

The guys got in on the tug-of-war, although somehow Danny ended up on the opposite team as Tom, Luke and Nick . . . and his team won!

They had a sand sculpture contest with many really cool entries, including this dragon,

a melting snowman,

and a colorful gorilla!

After much brainstorming the night before (which included ideas such as a snowman, a dragon, and Godzilla!), our team settled on Snoopy and his doghouse.

I think they did a really good job!  They didn't win anything, but that's OK . . .

After the sand-sculpting and games, it was time to cool off in the lake!

Kailyn wasn't happy with the idea of getting thrown in!

Bryce didn't mind, though!

I think my camera lens must have gotten splashed, the next several pictures have this mysterious dot on them, including what would have been a good picture of Diane and Danny!

We had music on the beach all day, and it was very crowded -- more than 4th of July weekend -- I think this is their most popular weekend of the summer.

Dad sat out on the porch in the shade, enjoying the view and the music.

In the evening there were fireworks at the opposite end of the lake.  Danny took all of the boys and Kailyn out to watch from his boat, and the rest of us enjoyed the view from the dock.  After the fireworks, we had a fire and made s'mores with giant marshmallows -- they were yummy, but a little challenging to eat!

Sunday was another beautiful day, and the gang went out on the boat early to get in some tubing before the lake got too crowded.

They all gave it a try -- even Kailyn -- and Tom!  (Tom's still hurting!  Too old for tubing, I guess!)  After an early dinner, we headed home.  It was a really nice weekend, and as you can see from Kailyn's drawing that she made for the boys, everyone had fun!


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