Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun & Games and a new blog

My niece, Kelly, is getting married later this summer and yesterday she and her fiancé had a Couple’s Shower at my sister’s house.


Kelly and Josh getting ready to open their gifts

There was lots of family, and lots of food, and lots of nice gifts.  To work off some of that food, we played some highly competitive badminton . ..


Bryce was really into the game!

lots of exercise, running after the birdie


I don’t think you’re going to hit it, Donnie!

too bad we’re not that good!


I thought YOU  had it!!

After wearing ourselves out, and getting chased inside by the mosquitoes, I created a new blog for my sisters.  They decided they wanted to be like me, and have a blog to share their quilting projects, favorite quilt shops, and other exciting adventures.  So, we created the Good Sisters’ Quiltin’ Dreams blog.  So, if you like quilting, or quilt shops, or just want to follow along with these 5 crazy sisters, check it out and become one of our followers!

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