Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tom’s new toy

He’s been shopping for awhile now . . . ever since we took the motorcycle safety class last summer, he’s been looking . . . he found a few, and lost them when he didn’t act quick enough!

So, this time when he spotted the bike he wanted on craigslist, and he spoke to the guy on the phone verifying that it was legit, he acted right away!

He and his brother took the day off and drove almost 300 miles to Akron, OH . . . to check out this 2007 Kawasaki 900 Vulcan with only 240 miles on it!

Arriving home

He wasn’t ready to ride it all that way, so they loaded it in the truck!

We had torrential rain all day while he was gone, but luckily they were far enough south that they missed it all . . . until the last 75 miles!  By the time they got home, it had stopped raining and they were able to get it unloaded, although it still wasn’t an easy task!


Everybody had a hand on it, but it was still a dicey operation!

Finally it was out of the truck, and Tom was SO happy!  He’s finally got his bike!

Tom's new toy

Tom’s new toy!

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and he’s getting used to riding, although he won’t be taking any passengers for a year or two, or more!  On the days that I don’t go into the office, he rides the bike as long as the weather is nice.  That’s OK with me, that leaves me the car so I can get out and about for anything I need to do, without taking the truck out.

1st ride

His 1st day taking the bike to work

Now he’s just got to figure out how to fit it in the toyhauler garage with our bicycles and all the other stuff back there!


  1. Nice Bike!!!
    Maxine English Wandering Wingers

  2. Sweet bike Tom. Love the color. A 2007 with only 240 miles on it. Nice find!

  3. NICE toy!! A good lookin'bike!


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