Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another busy week

Well, it's been a busy week at school and work, but nothing really exciting. We did buy a pool table that Tom found on craigslist for $30 -- we got it for $28! Good buy!

From Football and Pool Table

The boys, and Tom and I, have been enjoying it ever since!

Yesterday, Tom and I went to a "Homeschooling Highschool" seminar in Midland, MI, which is a couple of hours north of us. It was very informative, and the speaker was great. She is one of the highschool coordinators for the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), and she shared lots of great tips and resources. We learned about selecting the right kind of homeschool philosophy for your kids, finding courses and curriculums, keeping accurate records, and preparing for college. It was a really worthwhile day.

Today, some of the boys' classmates were playing in football games, so we went to watch them. The JV Team (5th & 6th grade - Bryce's friends) gave it a good try, but were defeated 26 - 6.

From 200909_JV football

Bryce had a good time throwing the ball around with some of his friends between the games.

From 200909_Varsity football

The Varsity Team (7th & 8th grade - Nicolas' friends) have abeen having a rough season, but were pretty motivated today.

From 200909_Varsity football

The score was 0 -0 into the 4th quarter, but then the other team scored a touchdown and missed the extra point, so they were ahead 6 -0. We thought it was going to be a loss again, but the Saints manged to take possession of the ball with 55 seconds on the clock and scored a touchdown just as the clock went to zero! They made the field goal and won the game, 8 - 6. They were very happy, and so were the moms -- who made a "tunnel" for the winning team to run through!

From 200909_Varsity football

One of the dads really got into his job of selling 50-50 tickets!!

From 200909_Varsity football

Nicolas and his friends after the game.

From 200909_Varsity football

After the games, we headed home for an early dinner, and then took Casey out for a walk. Tomorrow, we go back to school and work. I wish we were in Texas with the RV-Dreamers, but . . . at least we're going camping next weekend. Our last trip for this year -- sad!! OK, I'm going to watch the end of King Kong on tv, and then I'm headed to bed!

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