Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I did last Friday

Tom was busy in the garage last Friday, so I was busy in my sewing room . . .

I started this quilt back in the spring, and actually had all the squares put together, and there they sat . . . all summer long! LOL -- no time for quilting!

So, after following Paulette's Quilting Blog for the last several weeks, I was inspired to get back into sewing. I arranged all the blocks and sewed them together, and added three borders. It was quite a bit of sewing, but manageable on a rainy Friday when Tom was busy in the garage!

Here's the finished product . . .

From Quilt Projects

And here it is again -- this is where it will go once I have it quilted.

From Quilt Projects

I used to do all hand quilting, but it just takes too much time! I'll hand-quilt little wall hangings and table runners, but for something this size (56' x 60"), or bigger, I send it to the "quilt fairy"! Otherwise known as a lady who does long-arm quilting at a very reasonable price . . . I've still got to finish quilting my queen-size quilt that I started about 5 years ago (1-1/2 borders left!!)

Well, I hope I haven't bored all of you non-quilters to death . . . someday I'll have a separate blog just for quilting, but right now I don't get to do enough quilting to support a dedicated blog, and I don't really have time to work on 2 separate blogs! That'll be on my list of "things to do" once we're finally on the road!

Tomorrow I'll be busy getting the camper packed for our Labor Day weekend trip, so my next post should be from the Sunnybroook RV Resort in Southaven, MI. I'm hoping for better WI-FI on this trip! Wish us luck!

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  1. What a good job on the quilt! Sherri will be glad when she has her space set up at the barn where she can create


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