Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunnybrook RV Resort

After a short day at work (Tom and I left at 2pm). we picked the boys up from school and headed home to change clothes and hitch up the RV. All the packing was done yesterday, so it was a quick job this afternoon. We were on the road by 3:40pm. The early start gave us the jump on the crowds, and we didn't really hit any traffic until we reached Kalamazoo -- and that was where we got off the interstate and onto a 2-lane road. We arrived at the Sunnybrook RV Resort in South Haven at 6pm. We checked in and went right to our site. Tom could still use a little practice backing into a site, but after a few tries, we were in!

We got setup, and Bryce and I took a walk to the pool/bath house while the maintenance man was repairing the water spigot so we could finish hooking up. The pool looks really nice -- we can't wait to go for a swim! Tomorrow . . .

Back at the RV, we had water, and I warmed up some leftover lasagne and chicken parmesean for dinner. Everyone is pretty happy here -- we have lots of tv channels, great wifi (free!), nice resort amenities, and we're just 5 minutes from one of the quaintest little towns on the shore of Lake Michigan! I think we'll enjoy this Labor Day weekend -- the weatherman is promising great weather, too!

That's it for now -- tomorrow I'll get some pictures to post.

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