Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shopping for Mom’s Christmas present


Just a few miles south of us is the town of Naples, FL, which has grown quite a bit since the days when I came down here for our warm weather trips for work.  There is also no evidence of a struggling economy in Naples!


Exotic cars were the theme of the day, and the boys were in their glory . . . I was just along for the ride!

Our first stop was at a small specialty motorsports shop.



Before we even walked inside, there was plenty to see.

Tom's drooling over this one!

Hey, I remember this movie – Back to the Future!

Back to the Future!

Inside, there was plenty more to drool over,


and Tom was busily making arrangements for my present to be delivered (yeah, right!!)!

A genuine Shelby . . . will it fit in the garage??!!

Yep, I could travel the countryside in that!


OK, so they didn’t buy me the Shelby, but maybe they’ll surprise me with a Corvette!

Mom's Corvette!

This would be a fun first car, Nicolas!


Continuing south on Tamiami Trail, we came to another Dealership.


Nicolas and Bryce found plenty of options for Mom,


Bryce thinks this one should be his!

and the salesman assured them that he could have it delivered on Christmas morning . . . no problem!




Those were nice, but personally, I like the red leather interior in this Bentley,


or maybe this Covette!


OK, we had our fill of cars, and now it was time to look at some boats!


We made our way down to the City Pier in Naples, where we walked around admiring the many boats.




I think there were more pelicans than peoples, but it was a really nice afternoon for a walk around the water!




We were starting to get hungry, so we found a place where Tom and Nick could get some seafood, and Bryce and I could get something else!

We ended up at Tin City,


where we had some dinner, followed by “free ice cream samples” that led to ice cream cones (not free!), and did a little shopping . . . now they really did buy something for Mom . . . but I don’t think it was a car!! LOL

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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you, love the Kreuz's!


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