Monday, December 31, 2012

2012–A Year in Review

Amazing Winter Sunrise

2012 started out much the like the previous couple of years, but little did we know that it was going to turn out to be a very different year, indeed!

We had a really mild winter, with hardly any snow, and the boys kept busy during the long winter months by playing basketball.



Tom and I had severed ties with another Realtor, and were in the process of trying to find somebody “different” from all the others that would work with us.  We thought we found one, but that turned out to be a HUGE mistake when he allowed us to be taken in by an internet scam! 

When we finally found Patrick, we could hardly believe he was real!  He was SO different from all the other Realtors we’ve met . . . and we’re proud to call him, Scott and their families our friends!


The spring months were all about transforming our comfortable home into a spectacular showplace that would appeal to a buyer in our price range.  Over Memorial Day Weekend, instead of camping, we did a “total makeover” of our kitchen with new flooring,

New wood Floors

Memorial Day Weekend Project

a new slate tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances.

Tile Backsplash and Stainless Appliances

We spent our days shopping on craigslist, at garage sales, and consignment shops to outfit our home in all new furniture and accessories.

Home Makeover_Sunroom

Home Makeover_Master Bedroom










Patrick and the team he brought together had a HUGE role in the transformation of our home . . . they had a vision, and made it come to life . . . working side by side with us, and bringing many items from their own homes to make everything come together.

Home Makeover_Living Room

We had a goal . . . to get the house back on the market by mid-June, and on June 17th we did just that.  Patrick held a Realtor Open House to introduce our home the the Ann Arbor real estate market, and followed up with several additional open houses the next few weekends.

With all the work going on at home, we didn’t have much time for anything else, but Bryce did play baseball again,


and we celebrated several milestone birthdays!

Happy Birthday Nicolas - 16!

Tom’s 50th,  Marci’s 46th, and

Happy Birthday Tom (50!) and Marci (NOT 50!)

Nicolas’ 16th!

Later in the summer, we also celebrated Jaxon’s 1st birthday,

Jaxon's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Bryce - 14!

and Bryce’s 14th!



With the house transformation complete, the best thing for us to do was to leave it in Patrick’s capable hands, and get in some camping trips! 

We visited some our favorite Michigan vacation spots in July, and spent time with great friends!



Silver Lake - July

Leelenau Peninsula - July

Arriving back at home in August, Patrick informed us that we had a showing coming up . . . and it looked very promising!

True to his word, we soon had a new sign in the front yard,


and our lives got REALLY busy!  We had just 19 days to empty our house and get moved into the RV for good!  We quickly scheduled an Estate Sale for the very next weekend, and got busy listing all the remaining furniture on craigslist.

Soon, our furniture and other possessions were finding new homes,












and we were moving the remainder of our “stuff” into the RV!  On August 31st, we closed on the house and turned over the keys to the new owner, said “Good-Bye” to all our neighbors, and began our new life, living on the road!


Our first stop was a much-needed “vacation” in western Michigan, where we did nothing but relax for an entire week!

Hidden Ridge - September

We returned to the metro Detroit area, relaxed and rejuvenated, and settled in at Haas Lake Park,

Haas Lake_Our Last Home in Michigan

where we stayed for a month taking care of last-minute details.  By the time we were ready to move out of there, the weather was turning cold, and we knew it was time to head south.

Our first stop was Indiana where we had some warranty work done on the RV, and I spent one last weekend with my Mom and my sisters.

Quilt Shop Bus Trip

With the weekend over, it was time for final good-byes,


and the beginning of a new adventure!

We were in Kentucky for “Halloween camping”,


and visited Cumberland Falls.


We caught the tail end of the fall colors in Maggie Valley, NC, and saw an elk herd in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Bull elk in Maggie Valley, NC


We were enjoying our nice campsite in Maggie Valley, but Hurricane Sandy was making her presence know by bringing a major snowstorm to the NC mountains!  If we wanted snow, we would have stayed in Michigan!  So, we made the call to pack up early, and head south to Columbia, SC, where the weather was predicted to be much warmer!





We ended up spending the entire month of November in South Carolina, including Thanksgiving with my niece, Katy, and her family on the Naval Base in Charleston.  It was a great month, and we enjoyed all the places we visited!

South Carolina - November

In December, we made it to Florida – warm weather, sunshine!!

While Tom and I enriched our brains at the Techno-Geek Learning Rally, the boys enjoyed the pool and other amenities of the RV Park, especially once the pool heater got fixed!



We all enjoyed the new friendships we made at the rally, and of course, all the delicious food!






When we left the rally, we made our way to Lovers Key State Park in Fort Myers Beach where we are volunteering for 3 months and enjoying the wildlife that surrounds us.

Florida - December

So, a year that started out as routine, turned out to be life-changing!  We are making great memories, and are looking forward to even more in 2013!




  1. Happy new year to you and your family!!!

  2. Great I am caught up;o)))

    Happy New Year to all!!

  3. Fabulous post......would love to read an "updated post" on your emotions regarding the transition from homeowners to fulltimers now that some time has passed.
    Would you do it again? How do you find your volunteer postions? What are you long term goals, on the road indefinitely, plans to purchase another home somewhere?
    Truly enjoy your blog!

  4. Marci:

    That was a great wrap-up of your year. I am so happy you all are enjoying your new life style. I am having fun, because you are sharing with us. I wish you a wonderful fun filled 2013 and keep sharing!
    Hugs to all!

  5. Happy new year to your family too!


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